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Friday, November 6, 2009

Snow Much Fun

Designed by Jeannie Phillips - Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.
Everyone was making penguin cards on the Cricut Message Boards for this weeks BBTB Challenge and I so love penguins so I had to jump in and make one myself!!... I had this idea...thought the paper choice would look like a long winters night... not sure if I like how it turned out...then when I look again I like it... maybe tomorrow I will make up my mind... let me know what you think... I used my Gypsy to weld circles and rectangles to make the background border for the SNOW... if you are still sitting on the fence about getting a Gypsy I can tell you I just love my Gypsy... love it!! Hugs, Jeannie

I was unable to make Cricut cut sizes because of stretching some items by height only and the use of the Gypsy Wanderings cartridge.
Gypsy Wanderings
*SNOW* cut @ w 5.10 x h 1.55
I used the following shapes to create the Shadow Border for the snowflakes and the word snow I welded the shape together.
First circle cut @ w 1.54 x h 1/44.
Oval cut @ w 1.1o x h 1.79.
Rounded rectangle cut @ w 1.14 x h 1.78.
Rounded Square cut @ w 0.89 x h 0.83.
Last circle cut @ w 1.82 x h 1.70.
I grouped all of these shape together to duplicate them for the second shadow. I popped the first shadow from the second shadow for depth.
Joys of the Season
Shadow penguin cuts cut @ w 1.90 x h 2.24.. I cut 2 in black and one in white.
Layer penguin cut cut @ 1.96 x h 2.31.
Home Decor
Flourishes cut @ w 5.12 x h 1.74.
Gypsy Font
"f" in fun cut @ w 0.68 x h 2.07... I used a circle and rectangle to alter my f...which I could have just done with scissors (laughing at myself).
"un" in fun cut at h 1.37 the width will change with the height.
Welded the letters together in fun.
"much" welded and grouped cut @ w 3.01 x h 1.31.
This is the screen shot of my Gypsy just before I cut... I grouped the cuts by color.. be sure and save your files before you do anything.


Wife2TJ said...

Absolutely Adorable!!!

lavendarrose29 said...

I really like this card and my daughter wants to know when I am going to copy it because she loves penguins

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I love it... what a darling penguin..

Live Love and Scrap said... much work!!! and soooo stinkin cute!!! Do you have any tips for cutting letters so small...I ALWAYS have problems when I try to cut letters that small for my cards!!! sniff sniff!!!


Pamy said...

I love your cards, there is so much interest in each one. I have been watching your videos for two days! Please explain the inside of your cards. I always do something inside to match one of the papers on the outside, but nothing like yours. Love love them.

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