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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas With the Cricut - Scrapbook Page

I have to tell you that this Christmas With the Cricut project terrified me!!!... and I am not kidding at all!!!.. it is the one project that made me almost turn this opportunity down!!... I am not kidding one bit... my mat shot was just confusing because I used the layering of pages feature on my Gypsy... so I am just going to tell you the cut sizes... I so hope that you like my scrapbook page!!!.... just posting it now gives me a tummy ache... thank you so much for looking... be sure and check out the other projects at Christmas With the Cricut...and to visit Susan's blog when you do!...everything has been so great this week!
Winter Woodland
I love these letters.
All the letters shadows cut @ h 3.21 inches the with will be right when you set the height.
Large snowflake cut @ w 11.84 x h 13.95.Align Center
I welded the shadow letters to the large snowflake.
These were the layers on my first page.
On the second page I cut the following.
Winter Woodland
All letters cut @ h 3.21...the width will be right when you set the height.
Largest Square for picture cut @ w 5.81 x h 5.42.
On the third page I laid out the following.
Smaller square for picture cut @ w 4.57 x h 4.26.
Winter Woodland
Larger small snowflake cut @ w 4.96 x h 7.11.
Smallest snowflake cut @ w 3.20 x h 4.16
On the forth page I cut the following.
All the letter from "our" cut @ h 1.11 inches the with will be right when you set the height.
"1" cut @ w 1.13 x h 2.89
"st" cut @ h 1.21... width will be right when you set the height.


Mom2Fiveplus3 said...

It;s beautiful. You have a gift for layouts. I love the snowflakes.

Marlene W said...

WOW!!!!! I think your projects are awesome. thank you so much for working with christmas with the cricut and for sharing your ideas.

Cindy said...

Love those snowflakes!! Love coming to this blog every day! Thanks for being here!

Maria said...

I just love your LO! I got soo inspired by that big snowflake. Have to apply that on one of my winter LO:s. Thank you!

Shari said...

Love the layering of the snowflake - what an awesome LO and the colors are fabulous!

Christina said...


KimCreate said...

Very nice. I feel your anxiety about creating a page layout for all the world to see but you did a great job! Very nice.
I am enjoying your guest hosting.

Alice said...

Oh Jeannie,
See you didn't need to worry. It turned out beautifully. I have yet to conquer my anxiety about scrapbooking so for now I'll stick to cards but I love the huge snowflake....maybe I'll do a smaller version and make it into a card. Thank you for the inspiration

Nana Mouse said...

Your layout is YUMMY, Jeannie!! Thank you so very much for sharing!!


Susan said...

Oh Jeannie, this is just a wonderful layout!!!! TUMMY ACHE BE GONE!!! I love the curved title and those layered snowflakes in the lower right are simply beautiful! Silly girl - you should begin scrapping!!!

xx Susan

4kids4 said...

No worries, Jeannie! Your scrapbook page is lovely! TFS!


Brens Designs said...

What a cute layout! Love the colors and the font you used!

Live Love and Scrap said...

Silly worried for nothing =) Your page is just BEAUTIFUL...I like seeing a different side of you this week, other then just your AMAZING cards!!!

Love it!!!

LisaRN499 said...

I love this LO!!! The snowflake is so awesome!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us this week!!!

Lisa Sturgill

moknowsall said...

just two words for the snowflake layout --- absolutely lovely.

I have been trying to go outside the box on my scrapbooking. It's funny, but we tend to keep the same formulas on all that we do.... when there are so many great examples out there for inspiration. for example, i am defininitely more liner as i would put something together like the cookie layouts. Jeannie - you are totally out of the box all the time....... keep up the fantastic creations -- p.s. love the bird/snowflake layout too.


Marie said...

Where are the pics of pages 2,3 and 4?????

Jessica said...

This is beautiful! I don't know what you're so nervous about. You do beautiful work! You should be very proud.

melanie said...

This LO is so beautiful!!

Ladybug said...

Jeannie, sorry you had a tummy ache over this LO. You really didn't need to! Your LO is beautiful, as is all of your creations. You are one very talented/creative gal. (just remember that!!) Also, we are soooo thankful that you share your creativity w/ us! [[hugz]] thought you might need a "hug". :-)

Susan said...

No longer be terrified! Simply beautiful. (And easy to scraplift!)

lavendarrose29 said...

I love your cards. I wish I had a fifth of your talent.

Saskia said...

Beautiful work!

Saskia :)

Stephann said...

Love the big snowflake! I too love the letters on WW!


Rose said...

I'm glad you didn't turn this opportunity down (cwtc). I love your cards and your blog. You did a outstanding job(just relax)!!! I will be checking out or in every day to see what's new.SMILE RELAX GREAT JOB!!!

janst said...

Oh Jeannie, no worries, it is Fabulous... You never let us down.

Sharon said...

Jeannie, This is just fabulous! Love that great big snowflake and the the colors of of everything is just great! I really love it! Love the red swirls! You did a fantastic job!!!

Ryansmaama said...

Beautiful layout. Hope the jitters about it are over.--Ryansmaama

Kara said...

enjoyed visiting with you today, even if it was at the DR office. Hope you feel better soon! Thanks for showing me some things on the gypsy. Jason wanted to know why I didn't carry mine around!!! I told him I had to learn how to use it first!!! Maybe we can get together soon and finish the lesson. As always, your work inspires me!

alwayscharlie said...

What a nice page! You shouldn't have been terrified - it came out great!

Anonymous said...

Love all of your work. I WILL make this card, it is beautiful. What cartridge do you use to make the frames for the cards, inside and out.. I love that idea. These birds are so cute, WOW, I need to get busy cutting!! thanks again for the inspiration..

scrappinpatty said...

Your page was worry too much...just haveta have fun!!

Anonymous said...

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