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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Handmade Soap/Washcloth Set

Washcloths by Jeannie Phillips
Soap by Jeannie Phillips and Madison Phillips Patrick

I made these for some special ladies in my life... they are all so dear to my heart and I just wanted to do something so special for each of them.  Maybe this will make them feel special at least for a moment in time. I crocheted the washcloths and round face cloths out of 100% cotton. My daughter, Madison and I set out on a new adventure of making soap... this is our first!!  There is so much joy in making something special for other people. Thank you for looking!  Hugs, Jeannie

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Goodies!!

I am so behind on posting my stuff.... I just have been so busy lately.... Here are a few things I have made lately.

 This is one of 10 sets I made for a special group of ladies I know.... I crocheted the washcloths, and a round face cloth... my daughter, Madison and I made the soap today ... our first. It was fun but, harder than we thought it would be. I could not have done it without her!! Her and her sweet Cory just moved back from Memphis... I am so enjoying having her home!

 This is a Loopy Scarf... I am so excited about it!!... So excited...I figured out how to loom knit it in a flat panel on one of my Knifty Knitter round looms... it is so easy and knits up so fast!!

 This is a scarf I finished this week... I saw a patter in and online crochet magazine...I don't do I went to You Tube to learn the V stitch...I modified it from the video so it would more match the scarf...then I did my best to make my own came our really close!! 


 This is a cowl I crocheted...I was thrilled!!  I was not happy with the edges when I finished so I went bad and added a lacy edge and it was just the perfect touch.  The pattern in the yarn came out so pretty on this.  I am giving it as a gift to a lady at my church.  It just kept calling her name each time I looked at it!!  I always feel like it's a God thing when that happens.  God uses us to bless people for Him..we just have to be aware enough to recognize it. I am just learning...and it blesses me so much when God uses me in such a special way!
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