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Monday, November 16, 2009

Designed by Jeannie Phillips - Southside, AL
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This is my The-Gypsy Spot Design Team challenge card this week... My aunt and uncle are having their 50th wedding anniversary in December and my dad asked me to make them a card from him (a first)... they went to Etowah High School... got married the year my aunt graduated... the school colors are Blue and Gold... this is my first welded shape card... it needs something but for my first try I am really really excited at how it turned out...maybe my next one will be even better...I am trying to get as good as Donna M!!!...but that will probably never happen.... be sure and out the other Design Team members at The-Gypsy Spot! Hugs, Jeannie
Because of welding I didn't include the Cricut instructions.
Base Camp
1959 shadow Cut @ h 3.0 inches... width will be right if you just set the h at 3.o inches.
1959 regular numbers cut @ h 3.o inches width will be right if you just set the heigth.
Heart cut @ w 2.89 x h 2.60
Tiny Square for car tag cut @ w 0.48 x h 0.30.
Used a hand punch for the tiny heart.
Heart Shadows cut @ w 2.88 x h 2.16.
Rounded Square inside the card to hold the sentiment cut @ w 4.68 x h 2.33.
I welded this to the part of the card that is the back to make a place to put a piece of white paper for the sentiment....for now the circle still cut out of the center of the 9's I just popped them back in and put lots of adhesive on the back of my white piece.
Car cut @ w 2.14 x h 1.88.
Car Shadow cut @ w 2.88 x h 2.16.
I built the shadow of the 1959 with the heart and car shadows and welded them and grouped them together then I duplicated the grouped items...and flipped them up.. since they were welded shapes already when you put them in place they will be welded.
I forgot to save the Judy & Paul it was cut with Alphalicious but I am not sure what size... see why its important to save your changes when you make them!

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Michele said...

This is so awesome! I never thought about doing welded numbers... duh me! lol

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