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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome Agatha

Designed by Jeannie Phillips - Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge. My daughter and her husband got a dog... she was a adopted from an animal shelter that rescues animals and spend lots of money making them Agatha already had her name...and is about 4 years old... I can't wait to meet her... I so love animals so I am too excited ... she is house broken and such a sweetheart Madison says.... I had to make her a card to welcome her to the family....I was inspired by Kathrin and what she does with a stamp... be sure and check out her blog by clicking here! ..... thank you so much for looking!! Hugs, Jeannie
Scallops ovals cut @ 3 1/2 inch and 3 3/4 inches.
Flowers cut @ 3/4 & 1/2 inch.
Leaf Punch
Heather Stamp # G-135-HK
I stamped the stamp three times.. popped the second layer from the back layer and use only the head on the top layer which I pop-dotted from the second layer.
Gold Stickles


Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Jeannie this is so cute as I'm sure the dog herself is too.

Kaye x

Judy said...

Jeannie, you are such an amazing cardmaker, your card are so beautiful. Your cards are beautiful inside too. If you want to come take a look at my blog. Im going to be a follower of your blog.

DonnaMundinger said...

Too cute Jeannie! Where's the head on shot? I want a better look at that adorable doggy! How fun, a first "grandbaby" . LOL xxD

DonnaMundinger said...

Okay, did I just get too excited and scroll down too fast to miss the first pic? anyway, this is ADORABLE! xxD

Monique said...

Wow Jeannie. You made such lovely cards lately !! I can't keep up, haha.

Hugs Monique

jcscraphappy said...

what a cute card,love how you did the dog. congrats on the new grand(fur)baby!!!

Kris L said...

Of course anything with a dog makes me very happy and this is one very cute card. There is [almost] no joy greater than rescuing one - they must be thrilled...Kris

Kopperhead said...

OH I love it. You are so talented and I love all the little details you use in your cards. And I had an aunt name Agatha, but she was always Aunt Gatha. The lived in west Texas and I thought the storm cellar was the coolest thing.

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