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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hi Little Girl... The story to this card is a must read!

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.
My dear husband, Robby is a UPS man... yesterday when he was delivering a package to one of his regular stops, a music store... the little girl who's mom owns the store, came running up to Robby... so excited and with a piece of paper in her hand...and with  her little broken 4 year old speech said "I got you something"... and thrusted a crumpled piece of paper in his hand...with Hi written in yellow magic marker... he eyes were so bright and happy...she was so proud!!... and so was he... it was the first thing he showed me when he walked through the door and he asked me to make her a card... well I knew without a doubt it had to have "Hi" on it...she could read that ... after much thought this is the card I came up with... I so hope that she loves it!!...thank you so much for looking... Hugs, Jeannie
Pooh and Friends
Elephant and its layers cut @ h 5.47..if you set this height the widths will be right... I cut it out twice..from one piece...after it was layered... I cut away the head, front arm...and front leg and popped them from the second layer elephant...on the Cricut I would cut this at 5 1/2 inches.
Gypsy Font
Flower (used the shadow) cut @ w1.53 x h 1.26 inches and welded to the stem (from George).... using the Cricut I would choose a different flower...and cut it @ 1 1/4 inches.... this is just a guess for the flower cut from a different cartridge.
Walk in My Garden
Stem cut @ w 1.72 x h 4.78...I welded one of the tulips cuts to this..cut it all out in green so I would have a place to glue the colored tulip to....on the Cricut I would cut this @ 4 3/4 inches.
Christmas Cheer
Tag and its shadow cut @ h 1.84 inches... the width will be right if you set the height...on the Cricut I would cut this @ 1 1/2 inches.
Learning Curve
"Hi" cut @ h 0.89 inches... the width will be right if you set the height...on the Cricut I would cut this @ 3/4 an inch.



Oh how sweet! She will be so thrilled. What a great story. Thanks for sharing it and your amazing talent! Barb

Carol<>< said...

not to rush anything, but Robby will make a great Grandpa someday!
love the cute story and she will love it!

TR said...

Awww Jeannie!
A wonderful story....
I'm sure a wonderful man.
He touched her heart. And
she his. I moment to remember.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the sweet story. The card's adorable!

Sheena said...

Adorable card!! cute story..I think she is going to love this card.

N2ScrapN4Fun said...

Great story. I'm sure the little girl will love the card. Nothing like bringing a smile to a child's face.

momto3ms said...

How sweet! It's the cutest card, I know she will love it!


Anonymous said...

this melted my heart!! I can't wait to hear about her response when she gets her 'hi' card! thanks for sharing - card is adorable :)

Anonymous said...

She is going to love this and I do too.
Marjorie from TX

Alice said...

OH Jeannie,
How sweet! And what a wonderful story that you shared to lift my spirits. I wish everyone could experience an "crumpled" Hi!

The card is absolutely adorable and I am sure that this little girl will love your card.

Now remember to tell Robby not to crumple this card to give it to the little girl =)

Sandi Clarkson said...

Aw, Jeannie, she will love it!

Susan said...

Awe - so sweet!!!

Jeannie, I have a little award for you at my blog - because you inspire me daily!!

xx Susan

iluvmybugs said...

She will love it Jeannie!! TFS


anja said...

each kid wil like this card in that age,i love it.also the sweet a simple thing can anja

GrannyCharlotte said...

Jeannie: The little girl will love this card. It is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing the information.

Susan from SC said...

Oh my gosh, this is THE most gorgeous children's card I've ever seen! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

Bobbi said...

That is such a sweet story and I am sure she will love this card, what little girl wouldn't.

Nisson Family said...

What a sweet story and girl. And hubby! :) Obviously he is a good man to get that kind of attention from a "customer". Love your idea. I'll definitely be trying to make this one as well.


yvette said...

What a lovely story! And what a great card you made for this little girl! I am sure she will love it to bits :)

Veronica said...

That was such a sweet story. And the card that you mae for her is simply adorable!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

PenLight said...

What a wonderful story and such a darling keepsake card for that little girl. Sweet sweet card!

Laura Lee said...

I have to tell you this is one of the cutest cards i have ever seen..
The story i think makes it even more so... That little girl will be so thrilled... I just love that little elephant...great card!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Neva said...

This is an absolutely delightful card!! Thanks for sharing the story!!

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