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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mr. Scarecrow

Designed by Jeannie Phillips
Click on any picture to enlarge.
Finally a new card... I saw a scarecrow like this on a lady's shirt at the hospital and knew I had to try my hand at one... so here it is... My mom is home... I have had to quit work to take care of her... I go daily and make sure she has 3 meals within her reach and keep her house clean... do the laundry... its working out pretty good so far!!... say prayers that this works for the both of us!... thank you for all your prayers during this very difficult time in my life... say a prayer for my mom... she did miss her Mother's funeral and that has to be hard.. Hugs to everybody!
I made these with basic shapes then welded them together.
Long rectangle that makes both legs cut @ w 0.72 x h 3.99.
Circles that make his bottom in the center of the pants both cut @ w 0.68 x 0.63.
Square that makes the top of the pants cut @ w 1.o5 x h 0.98.
As you can see on the mat below I cut these twice and pop-dotted the top pair.
Body and Head
I made this with basic shapes.
Body Circle cut @ w 1.25 x h 1.16.
Head Circle cut @ w 0.94 x h 0.88.
Shoulder Circles cut @ w 0.45 x h 0.42.
Neck rectangle cut @ w 0.33 x h 0.88.
Arm rectangles cut @ w 0.36 x h 1.00
Paper Doll Dress Up
Hats cut @ 1.62 x h 2.50.
I cut 2 in brown 1 in black for the band on the hat...I only needed one of the brown hats after all.
Shirt cut @ 2.25 x h 4.70.
I cut 2 of these pop-dotted the top shirt.
Pumpkin cut @ w 2.09 x h 3.49.
I cut 2 in green and 2 in orange.
I cut the vines and the stem from the orange pumpkins and glued them to the green.. I needed two one for the inside of the card.
Animal Kingdom
Chicken cut @ w 1.02 x h 1.66.
I cut 2 in brown and one in red... these I cut apart and layered the colors.
Doodling with a brown Sharpie and lots of brown ink.
This is the picture of the mat when I cut ...the rectangle in the middle is the size of an A2 card and opened as a template and will not cut.


Jo said...

Jeannie, this is adorable. I'd say you're really getting the most out of your Gypsy ... I love mine!

I truly hope all goes well with your mom ... I'll say a little prayer.

Jo xx

Wife2TJ said...

Your mom will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Your card is adorable, I love it! TFS!!!

You could EASILY win the gypsy M's contest with your cards, they are always amazing!!! Keep up the wonderful job, you inspire us! :-)

lavendarrose29 said...

Oh my word I love this Scarecrow. Fall is my favorite time of year and I think it has something to do with scarecrows. Thank you for sharing. I will keep your family in my prayers. Tomorrow I am so attempting this card...wish me luck

Carol said...

Jeannie, he is sooo cute!
thoughts and prayer continue to be sent your way...

~~Lorrie~~ said...

you're really going in a new direction with the Gypsy. He's a cute scarecrow!

Sandi Clarkson said...

Wonderfully cute scarecrow. Continued prayers for you and your family.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I am glad things are going well for you with your mom.. and I love your card. This is just adorable. I have seen several of this type of card, I forget what they call it, but i love it and would love to try it..

Sandy from Ukiah said...

It's me again Jeannnie, I had a question about how you are doing the wrote, "This is the picture of the mat when I cut ...the rectangle in the middle is the size of an A2 card and opened as a template and will not cut." I don't understand what you mean by opened as a template and will not cut. Would it be too hard to explain it to me??? ( - is my e-mail address if you have time to explain it to me, I know how super busy you no hurry.

DonnaMundinger said...

Such a darling card Jeannie! Love your scarecrow! You've been in my thoughts! Hugs, to you and your mom! xxD

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