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Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'd Travel the World

Designed by Jeannie Phillips -Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.
Robby took me to Hobby Lobby Saturday and I fell in love with this paper... it screamed romantic!!! card...just screamed it!!... and if you have known me for only 5 minutes you could figure out I love romantic!!... I made this for Robby... hope that he loves it!... the "stamps" are printed all on a sheet of paper there are probably 100 of them... on one page... Thank you so much for looking!... Hugs, Jeannie
Going Places
Globe cut @ w 2.64 x h 2.54.
Globe Shadows cut @ 2.73 x h 2.54.
Gypsy Font
"I'd" cut @ w 1.30 x h 1.71... after welding.
"travel" cut @ 3.42 x h 1.47 ... after welding.
"love" cut @ 2.36 x h 1.55 after welding.
"the" cut @ 1.32 x h 0.89 after welding.
"for your" computer generated.
Lots of brown Ink.
K & COMPANY Life;s Journey paper pack.

This is my screen shot... just before I cut ... the welded Gypsy Font cut with the other cuts!!.. yippee... wish all my welded stuff would cut that way!!... I did add Cartridge notes and saved them after I finished cutting.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jeannie,
This is a delightful card. It must be nice to be so much in love!!

With Warm Regards,

Live Love and Scrap said...

You are so stinkin cute!!! I am sure your husband will just love it....I do =)

Hope you are feeling better,

lavendarrose29 said...

I like this card, more cartridges I need to own.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Jeannie.. how sweet. I am still wondering what that template does?

Monique said...

Beautifull Jeannie !!

Hugs Monique

Saskia said...

Very beautiful!!

Saskia :)

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