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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Georgie Girl

Designed by Jeannie Phillips Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.
I am really proud of this one... has a few mistakes... but I am still learning... "Georgie" is made with circles and rectangles from the George and Basic Shapes cartridge... thus the name Georgie.. I am really proud of her...hope to improve upon her in the future... I hope that you like her too.... thank you so much for looking!! I love your comments... I actually thrive on them... so thank you in advance for any comment that you leave...and hugs to you for those! Jeannie
All cuts give with real dial size on.
Top circles cut @ w 0.42 x h 0.42.
Rectangle cut @ w o.42 x h 0.91.
Oval for the foot cut @ w 0.46 x h 0.69.
The oval cut was duplicated for the shoe.
Top rectangle cut @ w 0.35 x h 0.52.
Circle at elbow cut @ w o.32 x 0.32.
Bottom Rectangle cut @ w o.30 x h 0.89.
Oval for hands cut @ w 0.32 x h 0.48.
I cut out two sets of arms only needed one... but did use both sets of legs.
Circles cut @ w 0.91 x h 0.91.
Bottom circle was go give George a body for the neck to come from.
Rectangle for neck cut @ w 0.27 x h 0.91.
Extra Circles for head cut @ w 0.91 x h 0.91.
Paper Doll Dress Up
Hair cut @ w 1.34 x h 1.13.
Dresses cut @ w 2.65 x h 1.95.
Paper Pups
Puppy cut @ w 1.7 x h 0.62.
Scalloped circle was the scalloped oval just cut @ w 4.0 x h 4.04 and w 3.58 x h 3.62.
I got my smaller circle and duplicated it and the tapped the enlarge button 3 times.
The rectangles in the middle were opened as a template and didn't cut...I just used them as a guide... I do still have to cut the welded items (in red) separate from the un-welded items.

My first pedestal card!
This is what my file looked like when I cut it.This is the file where I created the look I wanted.


Sara Paschal said...

You are totally taking my breath away with your creations. I have started a GB .cut file (I don't have the gypsy) as a CASE of your snowman a few posts below. I will let you know when I have it done and link back to your post. You have me so inspired right now I can't wait to cut it;)

Very nice job!

Debbie said...

Nice job Jeannie. We all get to learn right along with you. Thanks.

Ann said...

Absolutely Adorable!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

What a good idea... to make a Jeannie gypsy folder... you are just amazing with this...

Sherry said...

This is WOW!! It's a bit of everything! Amazing, stunning, you get the idea! Love it. I didn't want a gypsy...ugh!

Love your work!

lavendarrose29 said...

I really enjoy seeing what you will come up with next.

KimCreate said...

Jeannie, Love your georgie girl card and your elf card. Good work, I think Santa will be bringing the Gypsy, so I'll be able to start creating cuts soon. Your work always makes my day!

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