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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brittney's Birthday Card

Designed by Jeannie Phillips
Click on any picture to enlarge.
Brittney a friend of mine who I met at work.... we have stayed really, really close. since she left work.. her birthday is November 1st... and we eat out the last week of the month each month... so tonight is our night to eat out and this is her birthday card... she loves butterflies... and I often call her "B" so this is what I came up with... my future DIL, Robin eats with us too so I left room for her to sign...Hope that she likes it... the busy paper called for a simple card... so there is no screen picture of this one...but I will give you the size.
Gypsy Fonts
Scalloped oval with "B" cut @ w 2.69 x h 3.50
Scalloped oval in dark pink cut @ w 3.05 x h 3.80
The rectangles behind the ovals were cut with my paper trimmer...
the back rectangle is 4 x 5.25
the center one is 3.75 x 5
and the top one is 3.5 x 4.75.
The butterflies are from a MARTHA STEWART punch.


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Jeannie, this is so beautiful... I so love the colors you used and of course the butterflies... I am sure she is going to love it...

I hope you are feeling better about the contest.

Carol said...

Jeannie, she will love it.
my daughter Brittany, is call "B" by her sisters. I never got use to it. also my daughter calls my grandson Braeden "B" nothing like shortening up a name. Aubrey is Aub.
totally love it.
Great card. love the colors, the layout
have a great one!

Saskia said...

Beautiful card!!

Saskia :)

DonnaMundinger said...

Beautiful Jeannie! Love the color combo and I'm sure she will too! xxD

lavendarrose29 said...

Sweet card, I love the colors you used. I'm going to have to get my gypsy out and play with it since I did not even realize there was that cute scallop on there.

Deanne said...

Oh Jeannie! I love this! What a perfect card!


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