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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Angel Earning Her Halo

Designed by Jeannie Phillips Southside, AL
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I am home from work today... a bad Lupus attack... I tried to get dressed and just couldn't... so I have rested all morning... trying unsuccessfully to sleep.... this little angel has been on my mind all morning!!...she was inspired by a frig magnet at work... I worked on her on my Gypsy last night...and finally decided to finish her up... so maybe I could sleep... I am taking her a sign from God that he is taking care of me and in the morning I will feel better enough to work...usually a day in bed will do it... so back to bed after this post!! Thank you so much for looking... hugs, Jeannie
Paper Doll Dress Up
Dress cut @ w 3.50 x h 4.96.
I used an oval from George to alter the shape of the dress...I wanted it to be a dress from the side..the dress on PDDU was from the front and too wide...I also added circles in the scalloped bottom to dress up the dress.
Hair cut @ w 2.21 x h 4.41.
If I make this again I would cut two more hair pieces to add to the layers like I did the face circles.
Indy Art
Wings cut @ w 2.30 x h 1.82.
I did cut two of these..accidently deleted one from the mat before the picture.
Circle cut @ w 1.40 x h 1.31
Circle that adds nose cut @ h0.16 x w 0.15.
You need to weld these together.
Circles on each end cut @ w 0.32 x h 0.30
Rectangle cut @ w 0.36 x h 1.04
These items are welded together.
Oval for altering the dress cut @ w 1.13 x h 3.02.
Circles to dress up scallops on dress cut @ w 1.13 x h 3.04.
Do NOT weld these items to the dress so they will cut through the dress.
Puffy Sleeve
Larger circle cut @ w 0.70 x h 0.65.
3 Smaller circles cut @ w 0.17 x h 0.16.
Weld all four of these together to create the sleeve.
Beyond Birthdays
Dove cut @ w 1.34 x h 1.04...with twig trimmed away.
Joys of the Season
"joy" cut @ w 1.78 x h 0.98.
Picture of the screen I used to cut from...another wing needs to be added I accidently deleted one off before the picture... delete the notes at top of screen before cutting.


Alice said...

This is absolutely adorable. I am so sure that you have a guardian angel taking care of you. Rest up =)
You look like you are having a grand ol' time with your Gypsy.

Debbie said...

Very sweet card. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

I am sorry you aren't feeling well.. I am so enjoying what you are doing with the gypsy... You are quite amazing.

Sandi Clarkson said...

Great job on this one, Jeannie!

Saskia said...

Lovely card!

Saskia :)

Monique said...

It's lovely Jeannie !!! I hope you feel better soon :)).

Hugs Monique

make more cards said...

Beautiful angel, another amazing card. You are so very talented! Hope you're feeling well soon.

Take care,

Veronica said...

I love all of your work but I must say that "Angel Earning Her Halo" is by far my favorite. I have placed you in my prayers for healing. Thank you for continuing to share even though you don't always feel your best.


lavendarrose29 said...

I love this card. It would be perfect for my friend who also suffers from Lupus flairs. I hope the day in bed helps in your quick recovery

Live Love and Scrap said...

Awwwwww....she is your guardian angel!!! How sweet =) Feel better soon and REST!!!

Praying for you,

Maryellen Webber said...

Hope your feeling better soon!
Love this angel card, it's a great
get well card or Christmas card.
I have a chronic illness also and its hard to keep going but somehow
God is there helping us along.
God Bless,
(We're sort of neighbors,I live in GA!)

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