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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Walking God's Highway

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.

I found this paper ... its paper... so I had a bit of trouble... (remember to buy card-stock Jeannie...remember to buy card-stock!)...but it was so perfect for my son, John-Robert... it just screamed his name... let me tell you a bit about John-Robert... he started RA camp in the summer... a church camp... when he was 8... became a counselor a year before he was suppose to be eligible at 15...and now he is On-Site Director this is his 3rd year...and he is 22... he is so close to God... he has taught me so much about how to be close to God... if I have a God question I ask John-Robert... he has even preached...and I got to hear him...and it blew me away!!.... he loves sharing the fact that God loves us... and for Christmas he gave me a One Year Bible... I have not missed a day reading it...and it has changed my life... made me a much better Christian and a much better person... and I am so excited about the changes!!!... so this card is for John-Robert who walks God's Highway!!!

I am not including Cricut instructions on this card because of the welding...and the stretching of several of the objects.
New Arrival
Feet cut @ w 0.85 x h 1.0.. you will have to unlink the width and length for this....I stretched the length of the feet to make them look like adult feet.
Graphically Speaking
Arrow cut @ w 5.48 x h 2.53... you will also have to unlink the width and length for this cut... the bottom of the arrow is glued to the background the top is pop-dotted from the background.
Going Places
Highway Sign cut @ w 1.68 x h 1.64... I cut two in black and one in white...the white one I trimmed the center pieces out and adhered to one of the black pieced...the other black piece is popped from the background ...then the one with the white is popped for that.
letter I for the sign post cut @ w 0.39 x h 2.10
Learning Curve
"walking" cut @ h 1.0.. set the height and the width will be right... I welded these together....I cut two of these in black card-stock and one in paper and glued them all together to give a chipboard look.
"GOD'S" cut @ I put these on the mat at h 1.0... then I welded the letter together...and then I changed the group of letters to w 1.14 x h 0.96.


Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

thanks so much for sharing with all of us and how proud you must be of your wonderful son. Your card you made is amazing, so creative and a beautiful thought. Im sure he will very impressed with your ability and creativity.

Brens Designs said...

I absolutely love this card! Beautiful work and design.

Debbie Griffin said...

This is a great card...I'd love to see more of the detail that you put on the back of your cards. I caught a glimpse of your "hallmark" logo on the back in the side picture of this card...what all do you include on your cards on the back?

Blue6366 said...

Oh Jeannie this is such a wonderful card. I love everything that this card signifies and I love that it is such a beautiful reminder for staying in the way that we should go.

Scrapping Cat said...

The card is wonderful...truly it is...but what is more amazing to me, is being able to watch our children inspire us to be better people...what an awesome thing it must be for you to have watched your son mature in the young man he is there is something to thank God for!!!

Carol<>< said...

Remember to buy card stock Jeannie,
Remember....had to remind you before I forgot!!!LOL
anyway... WOW!!! this is Beautiful!
and John Robert will love it!
It sounds like he has a bright future,
Have a Blessed Easter,

TypicalScrapbooker said...

Such a beautiful card and story about your son ! Thank you so much for sharring !!

Alice said...

HI Jeannie,
What a wonderful card. Your timing is impecable what a wonderful weekend to create such a card

Your card reminded me of the "Footprints" poem.

It's funny how you have choosen the highway. So many things that come from that. For me...I think that it would be a speeding ticket....hahaha maybe it's God's way of saying..."you are going way to's about the journey not the destination..."

Sometimes I forget =P
Cheers and many hugs

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