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Monday, April 12, 2010

Love Thy Neighbor ~ A Thank You Card

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.
More pictures below the instructions.
Gypsy file for this card available by e-mail... just copy and paste this e-mail address to your own e-mail account...

I am so excited about this card!!..I have been waiting to use this cartridge...but was so blank about what to do... then I was looking through the cartridge and this idea popped into my head... I did think well what would you send this card for... but took a leap of faith and figured it would come to me... and it did... this would be a wonderful Thank You card for somebody that had done something extra special for you ... like cook for you when you got out of the hospital.... took care of your animal... when that came to me in the middle of making the card I just got all excited!... thank you for you comments...and thank you so so much for looking.. Hugs, Jeannie

Create A Critter
Tree and its layers cut @ h 3.98 set the height and the width will be right on all cuts... I cut a trunk for each layer... I have two green layers...then the layer with the leaves cut out... I the first layer is adhered to the background... the next is popped from there...then the leaf layer is popped from there... on the Cricut I would cut these @ 4 inches.
Owl and its layers cut ! h 1.86...set the height and the width will be right...on the Cricut I would cut these at 1 3/4 inches.
Squirrel and its layers cut @ h 1 inch...set the height and the width will be right...on the Cricut I would cut these at 1 inch.
A Child's Year
"Love" cut @ w 1.80 x h 1.00.. one is welded to the top layer of the tree... the other is adhered to that... on the Cricut I would cut this @ 1 inch... twice and glue them together then glue them to the tree.
Easter 2010
 Taller Grass cut @ w 1.46 x h 1.0 inches...there are three of these welded and grouped together...on the Cricut I would cut these at 1 inch.
Shorter grass is the taller grass duplicated... just change the height on the grouped piece to 0.75 inches...on the Cricut  I would cut 3 or 4 of these at 3/4 and inch.
Circle welded to grass cut @ w 1.05 x h 1.42 inches...on the Cricut I would cut this at 1 1/2 inches.
Circle with text cut @ w 0.91 x h 1.23 inches...on the Cricut I would cut this at 1 inch.
Text is computer generated.


TeacherMom said...

I have been lurking around your site for some time now. But I just had to take some time to tell you how absolutely amazingly talented I think you are. Your cards are soooooo fabulous!!! They totally inspire me. I also appreciate that you take the time to type out all of the instructions on how to make these amazing projects. I made the bunny one for my Mom for Easter and she was ga-ga for it. I have also made the Pooh bear for my hubby (who doesn't usually commment too much on my crafty stuff but he did on your card). I always tell people that I didn't design them but just copied the "recipe". I am having surgery next week and will not be able to work for 2 weeks. I am so looking forward to making most of your beautiful cards!!!! I also love that we seem to have the same cartridges. I always hold my breath when looking at the instructions because I am afraid I won't have one of the carts. Thanks so much for your creativity and willingness to share it with us. Keep 'em coming!!!!!!

Janis said...

Once again, perfection. How do you do it time after time after time again and again? Must be a gift from God! I just love your work and coming to your site. There are so many cards you have done that I want to try to make myself. Thank you so much! You are such a smiling blessing in my day! Lots of sunshine and smiles to you, Janis

TypicalScrapbooker said...

Wow Mrs.Jeannie your work is so amazing ! And every single card is so different from the other ! All I can say is crafting is truly your gift from God !! Wow and thank God that you obey him , you bless people with the beautiful gift of beautifully crafted cards !! Love this card !!!

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

As stated above in both comments, sheer perfection! You are amazing at what you do, do much talent flows through you and Im greatful to see it as you share it. Thank you for your creative mind and fingertips :) I love this card, it is the cutest little thing. I hope who you share it will will love it just as much as I do. Great job once again! You should start your own card store on Etsy. Im sure several ppl would love the purchase them.
Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to your next creative card.

Nisson Family said...

Once again your card is Wonderful! I LOVE this one! Too Cute!


TR said...

This is soooo very nice.
I always try to make cards like you.
They never come out as wonderful
as yours.


Leah said...

This is so sweet Jeannie, I love it:) I love how you always share your heart with the process of each card, you truly do glorify Him in your art. Hugs..

yvette said...

Awwww what a cute card!! And I love the sentiment :)

ScrappingStephanie said...

I am not sure why but I have not been able to post any blog comments. Seems to be working now:) I just wanted to tell you that I love all the cards you have made in the past week. So don't be afraid little flock, touched me more than you will ever know. Thanks for inspiring me!

PenLight said...

Wow, a lot of appreciation for you today! Hooray! You have great God given talent and I'm glad you share it! This one is particularly great!

Carol<>< said...

Oh Jeannie, congratulations!!! I just noticed that you have over 500 followers.. woohooo!!!
another beautiful card!!
enjoy your day!

Alice said...

OH Jeannie,
Whoooooooo would have thought that you can keep topping yourself?!

I absolutely "nuts" about this card....

can you imagine that when they get together what dinner would be like? Mr Owl would probably bring sushi and then Mr Squirrel would bring a "nut-atarian" dish of some sort.

I absolutely love love love this card....

Hopefully my cartridge will arrive soon =)

Thank you so much for sharing!

Sheena said...

Cute card Jeannie, I love the sentiment. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards :)

Hugs, Sheena

Sharon said...

Jeannie, what can I say that hasn't already been said! Another absolutely amazing card! I love it. Makes my heart sing!! :)

Sandy Bayles said...

Thanks for another great card. I am so glad to be able to view the blog again. I was lost without my computer. Your card sits on my desk beside my computer and I see it all the time. Thanks for the inspiration and take care of you.
Sandy Bayles

joeygirl86 said...

This is great! Looove it!

Janis said...

Hi! I just made a card based on this one you did. I posted a link back to you on my blog post and in my YouTube video. Thanks for all your creative ideas and inspiration. I can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow!!

Erin said...

I love your cards! I came across your site through the Cricut message board. I am fairly new to card making, and I LOVE it. I set up my own blog to share some of my designs, but haven't been good about getting my pictures posted. I'm hoping to get it updated by the end of this week and then post cards 1 or 2 at a time as I make them. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations.

Alice said...

OH Jeannie,
I just noticed the squirrel's did you make it 3D ...almost like you want to go up an pinch it =)
Soooooooo cute!
PS - I can hear you laughing at me =P

Laura Lee said...

I so want to make this card... it is soooooo cute... I will be emailing you for the cut file..
i am very new to gypsy so i hope i can handle it..

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Awesome!!! You are doing a great job with this cart, don't ya love it!

thank you kid said...

I love all of the diffrent things that you have on the card like the animals,the texture, and colors.

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