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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Take it SLOW and get well soon! BBTB2 DT Challenge

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.
More picture including Gypsy screen shots below the instructions!

I am so excite to be a member of the BBTB2 Design Team.... It has long been a dream of mine to be on the BBTB design team.... and here I am!!.... this weeks challenge was to use the the Card Cut on From My Kitchen... to find it use the shift key and function key 3rd down on second row ... its the card feature and then shift... then its on the forth row down and the second row over...that is the cut in the challenge...I must admit that I thought oh my goodness what in the world am I going to do with this cut!!... and then it came to me... I altered the cut on my Gypsy... screen shots and instructions below... Be sure and stop by the BBTB2 and see what the other Design Team members created!!

Gypsy files for this card are available by e-mail... just copy and paste the following e-mail address into your own e-mail ... ... and I will be glad to send you the file.

*Because of all the welding I wasn't able to include Cricut cuts for this card.*

From My Kitchen
Card cut (choose the shift button and the coffee cup feature key) cut @ w 3.65 x h 2.38...
Larger card cut for the inside cut @ w 3.65 x h 2.38... for this cut you will need to unlink the w & h.
Rectangle for behind card cut @ w 2.36 x h 3.57... for this cut you will need to unlink the w & h.
Larger sentiment rectangle cut @ w 2.19 x h 0.88 for this cut you will need to unlink the w & h.
Smaller sentiment rectangle cut @ w3.97 x h 0.63 for this cut you will need to unlink the w & h.
The sentiment is computer generated.
Triangle that creates the corners inside the card cut  cut @ w 0.90 x h 0.40 for this cut you will need to unlink the w & h.
Circle that creates the corners inside the card cut cut @ w 0.42 x h 0.32 for this cut you will need to unlink the w & h.
Weld these two shapes together...then duplicate and use the flip features for each corner...for the larger inside peace you will need to change the size of the grouped triangle and circle to w 1/17 x h 0.67 for this cut you will need to unlink the w & h.... you can duplicate this for each corner and flip each piece to  fit in the corners.
Walk in My Garden
Snail and its layer and shadow cut @ h 0.93 ...set the height on each and the width will be sure to relink your w & h when you do this.
Easter 2010
Grass cut @ w 1.46 x h 1.0 ... place two on the mat and weld together for the length you need for inside your window.... before you weld these to the window duplicate and add a rectangle cut @ w 2.50 x h 0.21  from George to the bottom.. weld these three pieces together then duplicate.

The easiest way to get everything to line up on each layer is this....Place your card on the mat... then weld your grass to it...then weld the snail shadow to the grass...then weld 2 corners to the top.... group all of this together... duplicate... then delete the snail shadow... duplicate this and delete  your grass .... now for the tricky part... on the piece where you have deleted your grass and your snail click on this then click on your weld key.... click on the triangle to un-group just the triangle ...then click on the circle inside the triangle to un-group that... click on your group button again... now click on any clear space on your mat... then click your group button and click on your un-grouped triangle and your un-grouped circle... this will group just these two items together so you can duplicate them and make corners for the bottom of your top square...see mat.... after you get all your corners placed group everything together and make sure everything is welded.


Sheena said...

Pretty card Jeannie..I love the bright colors..sure to cheer anyone up :)tfs

Hugs, Sheena

DonnaMundinger said...

OOOps! Jumpng the gun a little here, aren't ya chickie? It's TOMORROW morning this is suppposed to post. LOL Anxious, aren't we? Adorable card! Fabulous first challenge. xxD

Jo said...

Wow, Jeannie, this is amazing ... you alway have such a unique take on things. Awesome card!

Jo xx

Sharon said...

Another awesome card! You just never cease to amaze me with your talent and creations!! Love this card!!!!!! :)

Carol<>< said...

Congratulations Jeannie, A little excitement goes a long way,
that is okay if you are bit early
I'll look at your cards any day!
Enjoy your time as a DT member.

Alice said...

Hello Jeannie,
I am so thrilled that you made it to the BBTB2 designer team. I missed seeing you on a design team.

I absolutely loved this card!!!!!! I had a huge migraine and still have a little bit of it left over and when I got up this morning to check into your blog this card was perfect timing =)

Hahaha unfortunately with all the deadlines...I don't think that I am allowed to take it slow =P

Much hugs!
PS - Gypsy me pls =)

Maryellen said...

Great card Jeannie! Congrats on
making the Design Team!
Maryellen :D

craftieodamae said...

fantastic card, so bright and fun

Margie said...

Hi Jeannie!!! Love this fun, whimsical card! Those cheerful colors will make anyone get well soon! Woo hoo...go us on our first BBTB2 dt challenge!

Jeri said...

WOW!!! Incredible design. Welcome to the team.

Crayola58 said...

Wonderful design and great tutorial on how to lay it out. Welcome to our team, Jeannie.

Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Thank you for putting my dad and I on your prayer list...this means the world to me....Your lovely card rocks...I am glad you r a part of bbtb2...Krista

Pauletta said...

Ever since I found your blog site, I visit it every day to see if you posted anything new. I just love all that you do, and you're kind enough to share the carts you use so that we can recreate your cards. God Bless You and thank you kindly for all you share.

little cardmaker said...

Absolutely beautiful card - as usual. BTW, you have an award waiting at my blog :)

Creative Momma said...

Love your creativity, Jeannie!! This card is so colorful and amazingly detailed :)

yvette said...

The saying, the snail, its just perfect!

CelticWoman said...

Jeannie, Fab card. Hugs

CelticWoman said...

Jeannie, Fab card, Hugs

Grace said...

Congrats for making it on to the design team.
Hugs Grace

Joy said...

Congrats on making the design team at BBTB2 !!!! This card is just precious !! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that sweet note !!! I'm praying that my ole back will heal soon and I can get back to doing what I love...its been very depressing, not being able to sit and create for long periods of time, like I used to...but God is good and I know He has a plan for me!!! Once again, Congrats on being a BBTB2 designer!!!
xoxo Joy

Heather said...

WOW! This is just stunning!! I hope someday I can use my Gypsy as well as you can.

Laura Lee said...


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