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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Remembering God's Love - with Video

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.
Video instructions at the bottom of this post!
A link to Video instructions for God's Angel on the right side of my blog.
Gypsy File available by email …just copy and paste the email to your own email account

My husband took me to eat at Cracker Barrel yesterday and I say this beautiful card with a cross and flowers and hearts on it… I just love the feel of it so I came home to make me a version of it…. And when I finished laying out the cross, the heart and the flowers I knew this card needed an angel… God’s Little Angel…. And I imagined that the angel felt great joy when it laid his eyes on the cross… the card just filled my heart with joy!!… I hope it fills your heart too…this also ended up being a good first card to assemble on video because it is fairly easy… there is a separate video for the angel… it is just below this post or you will find a link to it on the right of my blog entitled Assembling God’s Little Angel…. I hope that my voice and my flow of instructions gets much smoother!!… I’m learning!!…. Thank you so much for looking… I love your comments!!… Hugs, Jeannie

Angel Cuts and Instructions
Pooh and Friends
Butterflies cut @ w 0.80 x h 0.88.. I welded a George rectangle cut @ w 0.20 x h 0.27 to the bottom of the butterfly….group them ...then duplicate...flip the second one from top to bottom and rotate it... move into place and group all of these are going to trim off the tail and the nose and antennas and fold this in half...and glue it in between two of the angle cuts....on the Cricut I would cut 2 butterflies @ 1 inch.. glue the bodies together.. trim off the tail and the nose and antennas and glue that little part together... then glue this between two of the baby bodies.
New Arrival
Baby cut @ w 1.20 x h 1.42...on the Cricut I would cut this at 1 1/2 inches.
Paper Doll Dress Up
Angel's Hair is Raggedy Andy's hair cut @ w 1.29 x h 2.42...weld three of these onto the babies heads cut the fourth one in yellow..... on the Cricut I would cut this @ 1 inch...I think that will work... you can glue these to the baby's heads if using your Cricut.
George and Basic Shapes
The horizontal rectangles cut @ w 2.44 x h 0.77 … using the Cricut I would cut this with a paper trimmer… width just a bit bigger than ½ inch by h just shy of 2 ½ inches.
The vertical rectangles cut @ w 2.44 x h 3.42 … using the Cricut I would cut this with my paper trimmer… width just shy of 2 ½ inches and height just shy of 3 1.2 inches.
Hearts (from George) cut @ w 1.03 x h 0.81...on the Cricut I would cut these @ ¾ and inch.
Walk in My Garden
Tulips and its layers cut @ h 1.58 set the height and the width will be right…on the Cricut I would cut these @ 1 ½ inch.


Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

Great video! thank you for taking the time to show us how you make your fabulous cards. WOW!

Puppy Mom said...

This is a precious card and I just love the little angel. I don't know if you have ever heard the song by the country group, Alabama, but it is called: "Angels Among Us". It is truly an inspired song and your card reminded me of it. The video is great!! I am glad you are giving them a go. I know they really help me to see how others create their works of art. I hope you keep on creating and sharing because you make the message board and the world a better place. Thank you for all you do. Lisa (aka, PuppyMom).

Sandy Bayles said...

We went away for a couple of days. I missed looking at the blog. This card is so great. I also believe that the are "Angels Among Us". The video is great. Now I have to just get all the cartridges to make the angel. I have a couple of them. Thank you God for giving the creative spirit to Jeannie to pass on to others.

Sharon said...

I am loving you videos!! You are doing an awesome job! This card is wonderful! That little angel, the cross and flower. Oh My! Terrific!!! :)

Alice said...

Dear Jeannie,
Another great card and the ever so famous angel makes his apperance =) LOL
I love those angels....
anyways I had to brag about you on the cricut facebook page so I hope many more people come and visit and give you more encouragement on the great job that you are doing on your cards and your video =)

Sheena said...

I love your videos Jeannie!! This card is so pretty..I never thought of using the pop up glue dots..I might give those a try sometime. I also like your idea of using quilling glue for tiny cuts. Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent with us.

Hugs, Sheena

Janis said...

Beautiful. My daughter is sleeping so I can't watch the video right now, but I'll be back!

Twinky said...

An place for cardmaking!!! Wow. the photos really look cute. i would want to make the same cards.

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