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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Be Still

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.

This card was inspired by a card DJ1952 on the Cricut Message Boards posted the other day... click here to see her card.... its really very different but the title made me see this chair in my head with flowers in it...but you see it evolved into something different.... but without DJs card I would have never in a million years thought up this card.... so I hope that she loves it!!...then the perfect Bible Verse came to me for the inside... Psalm 46:10... this very verse gave me so much peace today!!... so I needed this card... hope you like it!!... thank you so much for your comments!... Hugs, Jeannie

Gypsy file for this card avaliable by e-mail...just email me @ .
Just copy and paste the e-mail address into your own email.
If you make this card please leave a comment so  I can check out your card... if you don't have a blog I would love it if you would e-mail me a picture of your card!
Life is a Beach
Chairs and its layer cut @ w 2.27 x h 2.05...I popped one chair from the other an then added the layers to the top chair...the first chair is popped from the background paper...on the Cricut I would cut these @ 2 inches.
Gypsy Wanderings
Trees and its layer cut @ h 4.19... set the height and the width will be right... I put both of the trees together and  adhered the first tree to the background paper and popped the second tree from the first....on the Cricut I would cut these @ 4 1/4 inches.
Animal Kingdom
Cat's cut @ w 0.97 x h 0.52 inches... on the Cricut I would cut these at 1/2 an inch.
Walk in My Garden
Flower's (I used the shadow blackout) cut @ w 0.65 x h 0.54... I cut 23 of these... 7 of which are welded to the grass.... the rest in pink...7 are glued on top of the welded ones in the grass and the rest are on the inside of the card.....on the Cricut I would cut these at 1/2 and inch.
Easter 2010
Shorter Grass cut @ w 1.98 x h 1.19 ... place two in the mat and weld them together....on the Cricut I would cut 2 or these at 1 1/4 inches...and overlap them on the card to get the length you need.
Taller Grass (2) ...duplicate the shorter grass then unlink the width and height and change the height to h 1.59...on the Cricut I would cut 4 of these @ 1 1/2 inches and overlap on the card to get the length you need.


anja said...

hi Jeannie may i sit in this chair??:))) i love your cards hugs Anja

yvette said...

What a great card!! I love all the little details on it :)

Anonymous said...

I love this card! So perfect for Spring, so perfect for the verse you picked!

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Love - Love - Love this card. It reminds me of the last house we lived in where I would go out and spend time with the Lord in the morning and we would just sit and talk. Now in Alabama we sit in the air conditioned house on the upholstered chair.... just not the same.

Janis said...

Every day you completely amaze me. Really. This is so beautiful, and I love that Bible verse. In fact, my son got that verse tattooed on his arm before he left for Iraq the 2nd time. It was his great-grandmother's favorite verse, so he did it in remembrance of her, but also to remind him God is in control while my son is at war.

I made the lamb and angel card you did. I left off some butterflies, but I still am tickled pink with how it turned out. I'm uploading that video now, so it should be on my blog soon. Of course I gave your link to your blog for the original idea. Always want to give credit where it belongs.

Man, I can't wait to see what you come up with tomorrow.

Would it be too forward of me to give you a Bible verse and see what you come up with for a card for it? Psalm 145:5 (NCV) "And I will think about Your miracles." I would love to see what God gives you to create with that verse.

Hugs, Janis

Sharon said...

Oh Jeannie! This is so beautiful and so touching. God just speaks through your creations! I love it!! Thank You!!! :)

Enfys said...

Hi Jeannie, popped over to say 'hi', see all your fab creations and give you a BIG welcome to the team...
Enfys x

Nisson Family said...

Love your card Jeannie. Another great one!!!


PenLight said...

CONGRATS on the BBTB2 team! That's exciting. You and Margie and Enfys on one team!! I love this card and the Be Still sentiment. I need to remember that one often. Great card!

CelticWoman said...

Jeannie, great card and welcome to the team. Hugs

Monique said...

Your card is gorgious Jeannie !! You made so many lovely cards lately ! I can't decide which one I like most :)).

Hugs Monique

Creative Momma said...

Jeannie, just thought I would stop by to welcome you to the team...your creations are just fabulous..we are soooo lucky to have you..

~JulieH~ said...

Hi Jeannie
Congratulations to you on becoming a BBTB2 designer we will be teammies again! Can't wait to see the wonderful creations you come up with! Love your work

KimCreate said...

Jeannie, beautiful card. Had to stop by your blog and congratulate you on being a BBTB2 designer. When I saw that you were applying, I knew you'd make it!
Good for you!

Alice said...

Oh Jeannie,
I love this card. It amazes me how you are so inspired by a stamp! =)

But I don't think that if I sat on the chair that I could "be still" hahahaha I am allergic to cats so I think after I would "be heading to the hospital"

Love the card! Great card as usual.

As I had hoped that soon enough we would see the scene that you have depicted on your card...I don't think that it's going to happen soon....
We got snowed on for the last 5 days.....pulled out my winter jacket =S

Great job on the seeing your cards...they brighten up my day so much!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! I have a question? Well, a couple... The printing of the verse, do you do that on the computer or use the ink pens with the Cricut? Next you say that we can get the file for the Gypsy... how do I get it into the Gypsy. I am new with the Gypsy and still learning.

I love your cards and you are a GREAT inspiration to me. I also follow your devotional page.

Marjorie from TX
marjorie_brundage at sbcglobal dot net

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