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Friday, February 6, 2009

Alabama/Auburn Valentines Cards

These seem simple I know...but they weren't maybe because they were so outside my box... I am terrible at shape cards for some reason... but in the end I was happy... as most of you know my kids are at opposing colleges...Madison at Alabama and John-Robert at Auburn so I am sure you can guess which card goes to who... I couldn't resist adding a little bit of humor to John-Roberts card (he is the class clown in the family)... so I added some bling to the tiger... see if you can find it....I wanted the cards to be a reminder of Elementary School Valentine's Days.... I hope that they are... Thanks for looking and I love your comments ~~Jeannie
Wild Card
Hearts cut @ 5 inches...
there are white hearts on the inside those were cut @ 4 3/4 inches.
Bookmarks cut @ 4 1/2 inches..
these are actually the frame option of the heart card.
New Arrival
Elephant cut @ 3 inches ...
I also cut the shadow in white for an outline.
Animal Kingdom
Tiger Face cut @ 3 inches using regular cut and regular shift cut.
New Arrival Stamps
for the elephants face!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Jeannie, you are just so talented. They turned out adorable.. I can't find the bling on the tiger...:-(

BigMan said...

Hey Ms. Jeannie. The cards are wonderful. The first thing I thought when I was them was "elementry school", so you hit it right on the nose. I love the pull-out paper. Awesome job!!
P.S. I found the tiger's bling (look on the ears!).

Allies Creative Designs said...

I just love these Valentine cards for the kids. What such a great idea. You are so creative!! I found the bling(EAR)!!!!

sandi7753 said...

I just love your cards. Guess I will finally at some point break down and buy Animal Kingdom. My grandson would love the Alabama elephant.


Devan said...

I like your creativity... Lovely animal themed valentine cards for kids!!

Rosy said...

Hi Jeannie your blog inspired so I have passed an award to you x Rosy come to my blog to get it

Nancy said...

girl---these are soo fun and always inspire me to no end...I lvoe all that you have posted below too....I hope things are going great for you and your family....hugs...

Anonymous said...

Jeannie, these are adorable! They remind me of the Valentines we used to get in grade school!

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