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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Knifty Knitter Scarf

Handmade Design by
Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, AL
I was excited at how this scarf turned out...I had wanted to do something like this with this yarn and didn't think I had enough...and wasn't quite sure how to get the look that I wanted... and I had thought I would not have enough yarn to get the length of a scarf...well after 2 woven scarves I still ended up with enough yarn to make a scarf.. too exciting.  I wanted a really loose stitch to show off my hand spun yarn... I used the purple round Knifty Knitter... knitted on a flat panel... I used every other peg....I did a row of k and row of p and a row of k...after my ewrap cast on... then I added the next color (orange ) and did a row of it in e-wrap... left that working strand at the end of the row... the I did a row of p a row of k and a row of p... picked up the orange working yarn... and did a row of ewrap until I reached my desired length.  I really like the loose stitch for hand spun yarn.  Thank you for looking!  Hugs~ Jeannie


Gramma said...

I love those colors... First thing I thought was that a Green Bay Packer fan would love this...and I'm sure they would. TFS!

Carol<>< said...

Hi Jeannie, I am with Gramma, above, I also thought "GO PACK GO!!!"
how funny is that!
Have a card you might want to see, it has a finishing touch that I got from you... thanks.
see it here...

pdela-torre said...

I sure miss your beautiful cards. It was from your tutorials that I learned how to layer and embellish and make nicer cards. You're truly an inspiration.

Stephanie said...

wow.. looks so tideous, but very pretty!

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