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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We are ao glad you're back!

Designed by Jeannie Phillips - Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.
(I did fix the the typo now says you're)
Madison (my daughter) sent me an e-mail from work... a first... the girl that trained her the first week had a car accident... she is going to be okay but still in the hospital...she wanted a card for everyone to sign at work to welcome her back... so I got to work... I hope that Madison is pleased and that the sweet girl loves the card... I was really really proud of this one! Thank goodness! ~~hugs, Jeannie
Ovals cut at 4 3/4, 4 1/2, 4 1/4 and 4 inches.
Roses cut @ 3 1/2 inches 6 times in green and 6 times in pink.
Swirls cut @ 5 inches then cut where needed.
Tag cut @ 2 inches.
Branch Punch
Lots of brown ink.



Gosh, Jeannie, this is unbelievably gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous card! It's really beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I 'found' your website last week, now I HAVE to visit you every day! Everything you make is absolutely beautiful! I find so much inspiration - thank you! Someday I hope to be able to create cards like you do. I can't seem to do the inking part! This card today is so beautiful.Thank you for sharing! Hugs to you, Linda

Leah said...

Oh Jeannie! This is absolutely gorgeous! One of my favorites for sure, those roses came out so lovely and the layers in the back with the flourishes, just perfect. So good to see you creating and being happy!

Jamie Lane said...

This is simply perfect - amazing work, I am certain she will love it!

debbie said...

That's a beautiful card Jeannie! I love your work. You are such an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic card!!

Anonymous said...

I almost hate myself for mentioning this but perhaps you haven't sent it off yet. It should be "You're" rather than "Your." I know it's a simple little typo and one that spell checks would catch. I'm so sorry to seem critical - it's just such a beautiful card that I would hate for the little typo to take away from it.

I'm off to kick myself 1000 times now....

Clare said...

Stunning card. Thankyou for sharing.

Meredi said...

Beautiful cards again! love your work!

Migdalia said...

Wow! Awesome card!

Monique said...

Absolutely beautifull Jeannie !! Hmmmm. I really must try those roses one day :)).

Hugs Monique

Sandi said...

Jeannie, Fabulous card. Love all the mulitple layering . really sets off the roses. Hug, Sandi

Cheri said...

this is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Saskia said...

Beautiful, beautiful work!!

Saskia :)

cowbelleru said...

I love your cards. There are so equisite. I'm really new to scrapbooking. Would you mind sharing w/me how you make your envelopes? I'm a faithful admirer.
My e-mail is:

Thanks you & I'll take instructions from anyone.

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh Jeannie this is exquisite! The colors, the layering...WOW! Hugs, D

Nancy said...

how the heck have ya been's been to long since my last visit. this set is just precious and a beauty..I looooove it!!! And I flipped through your other cards posted are so very talented and gifted. I really loved your daughters trash the dress photos. She is soo beautiful to. I hope you have a great weekend....hugs my friend!!!

Laura said...

What a beautiful card, thanks for sharing it with us!

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