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Friday, September 10, 2010

Yudo... Love

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, Al
Here is my shirt that I made today... I am excited... and I learned a couple of things... the little smear of paint on the last couple of letters is from holding your squeegee too close to the screen...and pressing too hard.. I did this trying to fix something else that I did... I am not upset this is wearable...and I am learning and having so much fun... now....

I have to tell you about my mistake on my shirt!!!... you have to tape off around the stencil of the shirt... my shirt needed an extra coat... i rinsed the screen...let it dry let my first coat of paint get dry to the touch... then in my excitement I put my screen back on the rack... pulled my second coat of paint WITHOUT the tape... I had a streak of paint down the side.... first I thought well I won't cure this with the iron... i said to myself... yea like that will wash out like you want it too...ha ha!!!..then I got to looking at the streak the inside of it was straight the outside was more artsy... so I put that sucker back on the screen... pulled me an artsy streak down both sides... looks like it is on

I did use my Cricut and Gypsy for this design...the Circles with the pups are from Paper Pups... the letters are from Learning Curve ...and the Stripes they are my own design... lol... Hugs, Jeannie


Alice said...

OH Jeannie,
I see you at the start of a wonderful creative beginning. Love it!...if you didn't confess to your mistake I would have never known =) I hope you are posting to the site as well...
Love it!

mforquer said...

Oh Jeannie - this shirt is just adorable! I love it - and all your beautiful hats and scarves!!! You are branching into many amazing things and your talent just oozes!

Sandy Bayles said...

This is so cute......I love it.....It is so great to see you having so much fun..............

Susan said...

You are off to an amazing start. And you inspired me!!! I plan to make some napkins this weekend. I picked up pumpkin colored napkins (cheap)at Tuesday Morning and plan to make fall themed napkins. SOOOO excited. Thank you for the inspiration.

How fun that we got the Yudu at that same time.

Oh... And I added you to my side bar so I can see all of your great projects first thing!!

xx Susan

Sharon said...

What an awesome shirt!!! If you hadn't of told, I would never have known there was a mistake. I can't see any smearing on any of the letters, either. :)

Ladybug said...

Jeannie, that is just adorable!! Love it. TFS! :-)

Colleen said...

This shirt is awesome! And your "mistake" makes the shirt!!! Great job!!!!

Colleen P

maryvernau said...

I love your t-shirt! Paperpups is one of my favorite carts, and I think the stripes down the sides are very creative! I wasn't interested in the yudu, but you are doing a good job creating interest! I have been meaning to try t-shirts with freezer paper... I bought the freezer paper, but that's as far as I have gotten! Thanks for your inspiration! Every time I make a card, I think, now how would Jeannie do this?

Crayola58 said...

Jeannie, this is just perfect. I have been looking at the YUDU but still am on the fence. Long ago I did silk screening and I had a lot of fun. This machine really brings it home to simple. Your shirt is darling.

love2create said...

Cute projects - I've had my Yudo for a year and still haven't used it. I feel very intimidated by it not to mention the cost of all the supplies. It was so nice that my husband bought it for me as a gift, but my craft money is on a strict budget, so haven't started. Maybe I'll take a go at it an make something just for him. Jean

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