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Monday, July 26, 2010

Who Thanks You

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, Al
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The Gypsy File is available for this card by email. Just copy and paste this email to your personal email account and let me know which Gypsy file that you are wanting.

I have several cards that I need to make… I had a really special birthday and I have some people to thank!… this is the first of my thank you cards…. I won’t mention who its for so maybe they will be a bit surprised when it arrives!… I got to try out my new Sugar and Spice cartridge on this card… and the tags feature on the Once Upon a Princess is priceless… that cartridge is now my go to when I need a place to put text!!… if you haven’t noticed it has a tag feature…then you hit sift and these two pieced work together to make a beautiful tag… I duplicated the circle that was the center of this cut and tapped the circle on my Gypsy, the one that makes images larger, a couple of times so I could add a little more color. I sure hope that you like this… I hope that my sweet friend… oops I almost said it… likes it too….

I have discovered when you have made over 500 cards that you are going to have to not worry any more if you start repeating some ideas...its just going to happen!! Thank you so much for looking. ~ Hugs, Jeannie

Sugar and Spice
Owl and its layers cut @ h 2.48.. Set the height and the width will be right on all the cuts… I didn’t use the shift cut… but I cut two of the owl so I could pop the owl twice from the background… on the Cricut I would cut this at 2 1 /2 inches.
Once Upon a Princess
Tag and its layer cut @ h 1.89... Set the height and the width will be right on both cuts… I duplicated the oval and cut the duplicated oval @ w 2.13 x h 2 12...on the Cricut I would cut the tag at its oval @ 1 ¾ inches and leave out the extra oval.
Branch and its layer cut @ h 1.81 set the height and the widths will be right…on the Cricut I would cut these @ 1 ¾ inches.
Give a Hoot
Extra leaves cut @ w 1.09 x h 0.69... On the Cricut I would cut these at 1 inch.
Circles cut @ 0.20... I cut these for the inside of the eyes on the owl… I would use a hole punch for these if I were cutting this using the Cricut.
Triangle for nose cut @ w 0.32 x h 0.25 inches… using the Cricut I would just hand cut this piece.

Card base is 4 ¼ x 5 ½, Frame Piece 4 x 5 ¼ , Background piece 3 ½ x 4 ¾… these cuts are on the inside and outsides of my cards… Sentiment piece 2 ¾ x 4 inside only….. I cut all of these with my paper trimmer.

I love sharing the instructions and files for my cards but I do ask that if you use my instructions or files to recreate my card and place it on your blog or somebody else’s blog that you give me the credit for the original design. I also ask that you do not submit my designs for publication, profit or for any contest. Thank you!


Alice said...

Hello Jeannie =)
I am glad to hear that you were spoiled on your birthday =)
hmmm sugar and spice...hahaha sounds like you were able to get a few of the Cricut lites for your birthday. How awesome is that?!

Well well well my friend...I just loaded all the cartridges that I own and I am going to borrow one of your files to learn and get use to using the much to learn...
I hope I get as good at it as you do...
Once I get this card put together I will show you or figure a way to upload it =)
Keep your fingers crossed that i know what I am doing
Great card! I love the colors =)
you do have a knack for putting colors together!
Many hugs!

Sandy Bayles said...

I hope in the very near future to start using the Gypsy like Alice. I am so not so proud that it will probably be paid for before it gets used. I did take it out of the box and make use of the internet connections. I hope to use it soon. I love the Thank You owl card. I hope you know how special you are to me.

I have to start working on the hobby room and my house or you will be calling "Clean House"............
Love the card.....Whoever this person is is lucky to have a friend like you.

Shopgal said...

I love this card! TFS

I hope I win the Cri-Kits!!

Thank you for the inspiration :)

Maureen Reiss said...

Happy belated Birthday!!1 Love this card!! All the details you did are awesome.

Cricut Couple said...

Oh Jeannie,

This is such a cute card! I love the chocolate paper in the background! It's so great and the sentiments are really special and personal! Just love it!!!

Bobby & Jill

Carol<>< said...

Happy belated birthday Jeannie,

Wow 500 cards, now that is a lot of cards....

hope it was a good one..

Sharon said...

Awesome card!!! Love the bg paper and the cut for the sentiment. Will be checking that out. :)

julie said...

Oh Jeannie,

Your cards are such an inspiration to me. I love gleaning ideas from you. May God bless you for sharing your talents. Please enter me in your drawing.


Sheena said...

Beautiful card!..I was always a afraid to remake a card, but ya know it happens..and sometimes you make a card you know you will/want to make again sometime. I will be making a card I already made here sometime soon, but will be different..I loved how the first one turned out..why not make another :)

Hugs, Sheena

Anonymous said...

I love owls and I love this card!!! I really have to get Give a Hoot cart. You have a very good eye for colors. I would love to go paper shopping with you sometime to see how you buy your papers!!

Joy in the journey,

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