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Monday, July 12, 2010

Dare to be Different ... BBTB2 Design Team Challenge

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, Al
Click on any picture to enlarge.
The Gypsy File is available for this card by email. Just copy and paste this email to your personal email account and let me know which Gypsy file that you are wanting.

This is my BBTB2 DT card for this week… we were to use the owl on Storybook… and I have been playing with my Cri-Kits pens A LOT lately…this is what I came up with… it was one of those cards that I wasn’t sure I liked when I first finished it…and looked at it the next morning and went “wow! I think I really like this one!”… I hope that you like it too… its going to the CHA Show with the folks at Cri-Kits… they liked it… thank goodness!!… I didn’t have time to do a video on this card… If you watch the video on Café Anniversary (see right side of my blog) it will explain how to do the pens on layers. I hope everybody has a wonderful day!… be sure and check out all the other wonderful cards over at BBTB2. Hugs!

(There are no Cricut instructions for this card…I didn’t know how to get the drawn objects in the right place without a Gypsy.)
Layer 1 (the ink layer) Cut/draw this layer first.
You will need your Cri-Kits pen housing and a black Cri-Kits pen for this layer.
“to be” cut/drawn @ h 0.91 set the height and the width will right.
“Dare” cut/drawn @ h 0.63 set the height and the width will be right.
You will have to overlap and weld and group these words together.
Owls cut/drawn @ w 0.93 x h 1.35.…I put the regular cut on top of the shadow cut to cut /draw the Shadow is cut/drawn @ w 0.99 x h 1.36
Dreams Come True
Leaves cut/drawn @ w 0.74 x h 0.75 and w 0.57 x h 0.58 and w 0.63 x h 0.65...I just eyed these sizes and changed them with the button that make objects smaller or larger.
Home Décor
Branch cut/drawn @ w 3.87 c h 2.41

After you draw this layer … choose add to design.. Do NOT choose unload mat…. Slip a scrap piece of paper under your pen housing when you remove it… put in your blade housing… choose Layer 2 on your mat then cut Layer 2.

Layer 2 (cut layer)
George rectangles for background pieces cut @ w 4.75 x h 3.50 .. You will have to unlink the width and height and set real dial size to get the right dimensions for this cut… be sure and re-link your width and height and deselect your real dial size for the rest of the cut pieces.
Once Upon a Princess (tag feature)
Rectangle top tag piece and the scalloped rectangle tag piece cut @ h 1.12..set the height and the width will be right…. Place your word “Dare” over the rectangle piece.
Owl cut @ w 0.93 x h 1.35... I added circles from George around its eyes… they are cut @ 2 0.28 x h NOT weld these in so they will cut out.
Owl’s shadow cut @ w 0.96 x h 1.31.
Different cut @ h 1.10...set the height on the letters and the width will be right…you will have to overlap these and weld and group them together.
Card base is 4 ¼ x 5 ½, Frame Piece 4 x 5 ¼ , Background piece 3 ½ x 4 ¾… these cuts are on the inside and outsides of my cards.

There is now a link at the bottom of each post where you can show off your recreation of my cards… with a link back to your card on your blog, or the Cricut Message Board or a photo storage place like Photo Bucket…. I would love it if you share your recreations with me! It just makes me happy!! Thank you so, so much! Hugs

I love sharing the instructions and files for my cards but I do ask that if you use my instructions or files to recreate my card and place it on your blog or somebody else’s blog that you give me the credit for the original design. I also ask that you do not submit my designs for publication, profit or for any contest. Thank you!


Crayola58 said...

I like the take on this owl challenge, Jeannie.

Sharon said...

This is just sooo cute! Love the
'different' owl!! :)

Cricut Couple said...

Holy Cow Jeannie! This card is AMAZING! You really have some amazing ideas with your new pens! I have to go and order some. I really love the sentiment page inside and how you cut part and used pens for part. It's really incredible!!!

Bobby & Jill

Jeri said...

Oh Jeannie--you and those Cri-kits are just amazing. Love your design.

Julia Moss said...

Nice job, Jeannie. Very different....I love it.

Creative Momma said...

Love what you do with those Cri-kits...this is those colors too :)

Ulysses' mama said...

I love,love,love this card! I esp. love the idea behind the card.

Enfys said...

Fabulous card Jeannie, love what you did with the pens
big hugs
En xx

Stephanie said...

I love this card. Your cards are always so inspiring. You helped me get started on my blog. You were my first follower. (before I even knew how to post a pic) I received a couple of blog awards and I would like you to have them, too.
Thanks for all your help.

joeygirl86 said...

this looks great with the cri-kits! i love the sentiment! :)

Lori1brat said...

SUPER great job ! I am going to have to check out the cri-kits now !!!

Alice said...

OH JEannie,
You amaze me by how quickly you can use those markers. What a wonderful job! I am also thrilled to know that it's goign to be displayed for's going to be wonderful =)
Great job! You are definitely one of a kind!

Sharon said...

Hello Jeannie. I wanted to give you two blog awards. One is the Trendy Blog Award and the other is the Sunshine Award. You can stop by my blog to get the buttons.

**Treefrog** said...

So sorry I am behind this week on comments, doing home reno's and been so busy. No excuses tho I finally made it. Love this card and I would really love to get some of those pens. Since I've seen your demo they are burning up the blog world, see what you started. Hee Hee! Love youe other card for your Dear Daughter also I'm sure she'll love it, lucky girl to get two of your cards. LOL My Daughter loves to get cards from me also, I just wish she lived closer, (I'm working on it tho to get her closer, LOL) Well as always love your creations you always go into such detail, it's like a class from your blog, so much work for you, TFS!
Froggie ((Hugs)) Theresa

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