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Monday, July 26, 2010

Katy Bug

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, Al
Click on any picture to enlarge.
The Gypsy File is available for this card by email. Just copy and paste this email to your personal email account and let me know which Gypsy file that you are wanting.

This is my BBTB card for this week… I needed a card for my niece Katy… I call her Katy Bug… and we were to use the ice cream cone cut on the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge… so I was able to use that for Katy’s card. Katy was tickled over her card which made my day when she got it!!… I hope that you like it too.  Be sur and stop by BBTB2 and see what all the desigeners have come up with. ~ Hugs Jeannie

Because of all the stretching of the sizes of the frame and the name I did not include Cricut instructions on this card.
Freshly Picked
Frame Cut …. On the shift key… cut @ w 4.91 x h 3.50 you will have to unlink the width and height to get this size….I cut 2 of these and welded the shadow of “Katy: to one and the ice cream cone shadows and the ladybug shadow to the other.
Stretch Your Imagination
Ice Cream cones, its layers, and it’s shadow cut @ h 1.55 set the height and the widths will be right on all the cuts..… on the layer cut I used the hide contour feature to hide the cherries on one set and the ice cream on the other.. So I could have chocolate ice cream and then pink cherries.
Walk In My Garden
Ladybugs and their layer and shadow cut @ h 1.26.…set the height and the widths will be right on all cuts.
“KATY” letters (you will have to unlink the width and heights to get these sizes… “K” cut @ w 0.84 x h 2.08 .. “A” cut @ w 0.84 x h 2.08... “T” cut @ w 0.75 x h 2.08... “Y” w 0.90 x h 2.08.
“KATY” shadow letters (you will have to unlink the width and heights to get these sizes… “K” cut @ w 1.06 x h 2.12 .. “A” cut @ w 1.01 x h 2.08... “T” cut @ w 0.84 x h 2.08... “Y” w 1.15 x h 2.08.
Card base is 4 ¼ x 5 ½, Frame Piece 4 x 5 ¼ , Background piece 3 ½ x 4 ¾… these cuts are on the inside and outsides of my cards… Sentiment piece 2 ¾ x 4 inside only….. I cut all of these with my paper trimmer.

I love sharing the instructions and files for my cards but I do ask that if you use my instructions or files to recreate my card and place it on your blog or somebody else’s blog that you give me the credit for the original design. I also ask that you do not submit my designs for publication, profit or for any contest. Thank you!


Alice said...

Oh Jeannie
What a fun card! it's such a summery card (don't know if it's really a word...ah well)

I am sure Katy will love it!

Great job!

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

Wow what detail and personality! Great job hon!

Bobbi said...

This is so adorable. Love the window.

Sharon said...

Awesome card!! The colors are just beautiful!! I love it!! :)

Got2BCrafting said...

Such a gorgeous card... so much work went into this. You are so generous in offering your files. TFS

Maureen Reiss said...

Super sweet card!! I love it!

Debbie said...

So cute I love it maybe because I have a Katie bug too. She would love it

Debbie said...

I love this card, my Katie bug would love it too

Cricut Couple said...

Wow Jeannie,

This is gorgeous! I love the way you welded the name and used the negative space in your design. I don't do that often enough and it is such a beautiful effect. Do you remember when everyone was crafting the little name stands that said Jesus and you had look at it for a while to realize that is said Jesus? It's been a really long time, but crafting has really taken that idea and ran with it. What a wonderful method! Beautiful as always! Can't wait to see what's next!

Your biggest fans...
Bobby & Jill

Michelle said...

What a super cute card. I love all of the details.

mforquer said...

Oh this is so cute Jeannie!!! I love that paper you used!!! Wonderful I know she'll love it!

Luv Scrapping Together said...

Beautiful card, Jeannie!

Julia Moss said...

Jeannie, I always love to see what you come up add such awesome detail to your cards.

Bella and Aidee Mom said...

Wow..I love the details you show from that sweet little gypsy...I also like how shiny this card looks, all the colors pop...Krista

joann said...

I love this card. The colors are perfect and the ice cream looks like it is going to drip. Wonderful job.

Karen Pinsonat said...

Adorable card, love all the details!

Kate said...

I just had to comment on this one!! I was called Katy (with a -y) growing up and don't usually see this spelling. What a gorgeous, gorgeous card! I love your papers and those cones look absolutely fantastic! I'm so glad Katy loved her card - but that's no surprise!! It's too wonderful not to love!!

little cardmaker said...

Beautiful card as usual. All you detail (that goes into all your creations) is just awesome.

Penniannie said...

Perfect card Love the colors,you did a great job...


Becky Roper said...

Great card! I absolutely love it. I saw your blog on BBTB2 and saw that you are an Alabama girl also. It's always nice to find Alabama folks that are so talented.

**Treefrog** said...

Another amazing card Jeannie! Love all the layers. And you are absolutely the Queen of putting patterned papers together and making the inside look as good as the outside! LOL Boy I sure wish I could be on the recieving end of those fancy pens, they sure do look like they are sooooo much fun, I'm going to have to break down and purchase me some of those. I also Love your owl card, great colors, inside and out, as usual!
Froggie ((Hugs)) Theresa

Heather said...

Darling card! We have a Katie in our family and we add the "bug" to the end of her name, too. LOL! I bet she loves this!

Lori1brat said...

DARLING - my 'Caity' bug loves it too ! LOVE the time you spend showing us the gypsy ... I just got mine and I am barely even a beginner with it !!! Too cute !!

~JulieH~ said...

Jeannie I love this card and Katie bug must have been thrilled, Love all the little icecreams at the bottom too. Wonderrful work! I do hope you bring back your videos soon I miss them

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