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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Treasure in the Flowers

This is my this weeks "win a free card" card.... I woke up with this idea and had to make it right then....I was just too too excited.... and it turned out just as I had it in my head... now that one is amazing.... I am having a hard time giving it away.... but am excited to give it a way too!!.... next week Shelly will be my guest designer.... so this is my last card to be given away all by its lonesome.... I hope you love this one!!!... thanks for looking! ~~ Jeannie

Walk in My Garden
Flowers cut @ 5 inches... on border feature.
My Community
Chicks cut @ 5 1/2 inches... and you can stop the blade before the mama cut starts.
Doodle Charms
Eggs cut @ 4 inches (I think)... on the boarder feature... that cuts 3 at a time.
Short grass cut @ 1 1/2 inches on real dial size and the layer feature.
Pooh and Friends
Tall Grass cut @ 3 inches.


Jennie K. said...

I love that you made the tulips huge and then made room for the chick and eggs at the bottom. I have the walk in my garden cartridge, but have only made my flowers small. They look awesome on a larger scale. As always your card rocks.

BigMan said...

Hey Ms. Jeannie! Your past two cards (these one and the bunny and chicks one) are beautiful. I love the bunny. Keep it up!

Danielle and Harley said...

I absolutely love this card! I have bookmarked your page on my laptop and look forward to checking it again and again for updates!

Tracy said...

Beautiful!! Made 8 of them today.... hope I can come up with 8 people who would appreciate such creativity! many thanks, and as always, gorgeous work!! Glad I checked the archives

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