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Monday, November 15, 2010

Toboggan... Blue and Orange with Checks

Handmade Design by Jeannie Phillips

I made this for my son...he has had long hair since middle school...and dreads for the last couple of years... this weekend he is cutting them off...shaving his head... his head has never, ever been bald... this is too keep his bare head warm at Auburn... I will have to make him some more toboggans... I hope he loves this one...I was excited how it looked on when his dad tried it on for me... Thank you for looking!  Hugs, Jeannie


Sharon said...

Very nice!! :)

Zena Levine said...

This is such an awesome hat! Did you weave in the yellow?

Stephanie said...

Wow your hats are so pretty! How did you make the squares like that? Did you use the loom to make it? I'm dying to know!

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for telling me how to do this:)

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