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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Weekend Sock (yes just one)

Handmade by Jeannie Phillips
Instructions from Loom Knitting Primer by Isela Phelps
Heals were my biggest fear!!... A sock is something that I didn't think that I could do on my Knifty Knitters... something I didn't think I could do at all!!... so I had to try one of these.... I do better when I can figure out something on my own...but on this I read the instructions!!.. amazing!!!...I am such a visual learner... but I had enough knowledge to make these instructions understandable for me!!.... I made the heal and the toe... but it was so hard to measure the length and I made this about an inch too short for my foot... I did enough to know that I now want a sock loom!!... I am about to need a loom room!!  Hugs, Jeannie


Sharon said...

Oh Gosh! A sock!! Awesome!! When you get it down pat, you'll have the warmest feet in Alabama!!! Love it! :)

Dawn said...

What are you using to make the hats. i so want to do this, but not the best knitter. I are you knitting this in just a day? please let me know.

thanks Dawn

matilda425 at gmail dot com

Jeannene said...

Now I'm waiting for the other sock to fall. LOL You just amaze me how you can do things without reading instructions. Me, I read them quickly and then think I know it all. Keep amazing me. :-)


I love it and all your scarf/hat sets too!

LaraeH said...

Jeannie you are so funny--a loom room!!! I love it. Congratulations on your first sock. You are having sooo much fun with the KK. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing (your enthusiasm) with us. :D

Joy in the journey,

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