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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just A Note

Yesterday was my 30th Anniversary.... I am so excited to reach this milestone.... my sweet husband, Robby is home with me all week...I hope to get back to posting a few cards a week along with some knitting... don't give up on me... I miss everybody, but have been oh so busy.


I have been learning on my Knifty are a couple of projects I learned from a book!!.. They taught me so much ...I hope to be able to apply what I learned in these projects into some designs of my own!!... I am having too much fun!!

I was excited about this scarf because I learned how to do a yarn Over (yo) and a Knit Together (ktog)!
Now when I find that in some instructions I can do it!!!

And this may look boaring but I learned how to make perfect ends when I made this pot holder!... again by following written instructions... which is hard for me...I am a visual learner... so this was so exciting to me...and will help me to finish off my two sided scarves, knitted on a long loom, much nicer!

Stitches I now know... E Wrap (EW), Knit (k), Purl (P), Yarn Over (yo), and Knit Together (ktog)... now off to learn a couple more.


mforquer said...

Congrats Jeannie on your 30th!!! Such a wonderful event! Love your scarves too - you are learning so much so fast but you look like an ole pro!!!!

charlotte said...

Happy Anniversary to you.

Celeste B. said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary!!! 30 years, how wonderful!! :) Great job on both the scarf and the pot holder!!! You did a wonderful job! :)

Sharon said...

Happy 30th Anniversary to you and Robby!! Your scarf and pot holder are just wonderful. I think you can do just about anything crafty! I do miss seeing your cards though!
Have a wonderful week with DH home! :)

PenLight said...

Fun, you're learning a new provo-craft thing. I've thought about getting that too, but my husband cringes at me starting another kind of craft! Congratulations on your 30th. Ours is in May and we're going to Paris. Yay! Hope all is well with you.

Sheena said...

Happy 30 year Anniversary!! Pretty scarf :)

Kelly said...

Happy 30th anniversary! 30 years is a huge milestone. We'll celebrate our 30th next month!

I just love your work. You are so gifted and such an inspiration.

Thank you for all you do.


mary said...

Happy Anniversary, Jeannie, and congrats on a wonderful testimony - 30 years, that is great!

I'm with you - being a visual learner. So, I'm wondering what kind of book you are using to learn. I used to enjoy using my Knifty Knitter, but my scarves and hats don't compare. Thanks for sharing.

Mary R.

Mia said...

Happy anniversary - 30 years is a wonderful achievement (we're just about to hit 15 years together next year!), makes me happy just to think about that!

And wow, you have been so busy knitting again, wonderful scarfs and hats!

Happy thoughts from Finland again!


Anonymous said...

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