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Monday, May 18, 2009

John-Robert's Dreads

John-Robert wanted dreads!!.... he has 2 more years for long hair before he enters the adult work world.... so we went for it.... I did them!!!... go me.... it was fun but a long long day... We started at 11:30 this morning and finished at 9:30 tonight!!!... my hands and arms hurt so bad... but they look good for first day dreads.... they will look better in a few weeks after they set... we will post updated pictures.


BigMan said...

Sorry Ms. Jeannie and John-Robert but thats scary!! :- O. I hope they turn out good and your arms stop hurting.

Kelly said...

OMG Jeannie...I'll bet your arms are hurting! You did a great job and what an act of love.I remember when my oldest son was in high school, perms were big and I would do his hair so I can relate. I hope you have a great day!

Magoo said...

wow, talk about a lot of hair and a lot of work!! Might as well enjoy the hair before he enters 'adulthood'!! :)

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