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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Come Home for Christmas

I sold this card on EBay!
I had the hardest time getting a good picture of this card... I started this before work this morning and thought about it the whole time I was there... had to come home and finish it before I could rest... I was just so excited about it... the pictures just don't do it Justice... and that's after taking about 15 pictures and only one turning out at all... thanks for looking...~~Jeannie
Joys of the Season
House cut at 5 inches real dial size.
I cut the house out 1 time in the house paper, 1time in the roof paper, 2 times in the tree paper and 3 times in the white paper..the red of the chimney is popped once as is the roof...and the hand-cut bird... the trees are popped twice..that makes 3 layers of trees...the first layer is the house layer.... I place yellow paper behind the windows and added liquid glass to the front.,,, because I cut the house on real dial size I had to make all my cuts from the actual house cut...the layers wouldn't work.... the top layer of snow has that sugar glitter.
front again
close up
close up


HEIMLAGA said...

WOW!!! one of the funniest cards I have ever seen!!! amazing work!!! bighug from VyanMica @ Heimlaga

HEIMLAGA said...

oh!!! thank you so much!!! your words brought me into tears, because it ment so much for me to hear them from you!!! Im a big fan of all your art, yur such a big inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing, and for being such a nice and wonderful person!!! <3 big hug VyanMica :D

Monique said...

Wow Jeannie. This card is sooooooo amazing !! I love it !!!!

Hugs, Monique

Anonymous said...

I love this one Jeannie! Beautiful card.


Anonymous said...


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