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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Handmade Designs by
Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, AL

Here are a few things that I have been working on... I have had several things going on at once and got a couple of them finished.... Will tell you a little about each one.
This yarn in this tri loom scarf inspired me to get some things finished so I could play with my new yarn. My daughter, Madison and my son-in-law, Cory took me to this amazing yarn store, Yarnation in Memphis when we visited for Mother's day. They had me a gift certificate so I got to splurge on some amazing yarn.. this is my first creation...and I have some of this yarn left over!!... so excited at how this turned out! I did a first on this one... I made twisted fringe... I love how it looks..but boy on boy it takes a while.. the fringe itself took about 5 hours... .Hugs Jeannie

I saw a scarf like this in a spinning magazine...I actually tired to do it on needles... but I had to go back to my wonderful looms... love my looms...I did this one on one of my KK... I love the look of the thin and thick yarn... I was really proud that I could accomplish this look... I am learning all the time... I love learning new things.

I did this on my rectangle weaving loom... inspired by the scarf above to try the thick and thin yarn in a different way.  Instead of weaving diagonally I tried running the thick yarn horizontally and the thin yarn vertically. It was great to use left over yarns in a new and creative way. My husband really loves this scarf... it is a good and different masculine scarf. Thank you so much for looking!  Hugs Jeannie

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Anonymous said...

well, I was thinking about you so I decided to pop over....glad to see you have been creating. All these scarves are amazing....can't imagine how you did the one with the thin yarn with puffs of thick yarn weaved in. The yarn on your first scarf is gorgeous....5 hours on fringe....I'd go nuts, but it looks gorgeous! And that masculine scarf for your hubby is a most handsome creation. Glad to read some words from you. I was starting to worry. Take care, Jeannie.
Diane Hodrick

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