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Friday, February 4, 2011

Lookie.. I have a Spinning Wheel!!!

Handmade Spinning Wheel by Robby Phillips
Hand Spun Yarn by Jeannie Phillips
Lookie!! Lookie!!! What my sweet husband made me... the shopping too a while the loom actually only took him about an hour and a half to make!!... It needs a couple of adjustments... then it will be good to go!... I made my first Hand Spun Yarn...this was a half an ounce of wool I had on hand from needle felting... 1/2 an ounce of roving made 11 yards  of yarn... but that is probably way off...I had some parts that are spun way way too tight..and some way loose... maybe about a total yard of good yarn and not all in one spot...but I am learning..and I will learn... then as one lady said on YouTube I can all myself a yarn artist!!... Too fun!!  Thank you for looking... brag on Robby so I can pass it on and make him feel wonderful!!


Houses Built of Cards said...

What a sweet hubby you have! Very creative too! Love it! Have fun with your new toy! :0)

Vicki said...

Jeannie this is so awesome. Robbie is the absolute sweetest man. YOu are so lucky to have him and he is very lucky to have you. I can't wait to see what all you create next. This really is awesome. I am so excited for you.

Sandy Bayles said...

This note is for Robbie........Great job ..... She is so lucky to have a great guy like you. I hope that your injury is much better. When you go back to work on Monday take it easy..

Nana Donna said...

Wow that is great. What a sweet hubby you have. Have fun with your new toy

Cricut Couple said...

Wow Jeannie,
That is SO cool! I had no idea that you could even make such a thing! How exciting! So, what are you gonna knit with your hand made yarn? Very Cool!!!

grammy deed said...

I love it--he can look at something and design it himself--tell him he did great and now he doesn't have to bother with Valentine's Day-he already made you happy.

Jude said...

Very impressive! Love that your Robbie made that for you too. It makes it that much more special. I can only imagine all the wonderful creations you are destined to make now. Have fun! Jude

Carol<>< said...

Jeannie, this is so cool!!! have fun with your new toy

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