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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Home Spun Yarn by Me

Home Spun Yarn and Handmade Cozy
By Jeannie Phillips
I am so excited...I have been playing with my spinning wheel with the little bit of roving I had on hand which was little 1/2oz balls... I think I have finally got it... the process... now to perfect this process.. the sad thing is I have noticed that when you buy unspun dyed roving it is as much as spun yarn!!  Go figure!!... but I am loving the process...and I can't wait to try  more and more... pictured are my first attempts at spinning... the last being my best most consistant yarn... Thank you for going on this adventure with me!!... Hugs, Jeannie

Coffee Cozy
Made with my first batch of home spun yarn.

These two pictures are of my last yarn...that I just spun is drying.. you wet it in warm water...and weight it down...that makes it come out all straight... other wise it curls up in curly Q's.This is my best yarn yet!

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