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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hand Spun Yarn made on my Spinning Wheel
  Jeannie Phillips
Southside, AL
 I made this yarn on Monday... 4 days into my yarn spinning experience. I love my spinning wheel... I think that I may love spinning more than loom knitting and you know how much that I love that!... this is my best spin yet.... I am expecting some wool roving to arrive today then I can make enough yarn to make a hat or scarf!!.. I can't wait... I will have to put some of it off... I have a couple of orders to fill if the yarn I need arrived at Hobby Lobby.  Then I can spin to my hearts content.  Thank you so much for looking!!


Gramma said...

Jeannie you are so awesome... I hope you're feeling better today.

Amy said...


You continue to amaze me! ALL your creations are just beautiful!

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