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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.
I am so excited about this card...I am going to make one with a dear friend of mine Kara who I haven't got to see in a really long time... and I so love her and her company... and I am also going to make one with an old friend from high school, Deena... it will be fun to get-to-gather with her!!! I so hope that they both like the card!!... this card was totally inspired by the paper...when you scroll down and see the inside you will know that without a doubt... Thank you so much for looking.... and I so love your comments!!!... Hugs, Jeannie

*I was unable to include Cricut instructions with this card...I am so sorry.

Square for base of house cut @ w 2.05 x h 1.71... you will have to unlink your width and height to get these measurements.
Triangle for roof cut @ w 2.86 x h 1.49... unlink your width and height... duplicate this...and cut one separate... see mat shot.
I welded these two shape together... and I cut them in white then I duplicated this.
Rectangle for smoke stack cut @ w 0.41 x h 1.00 and rotated sideways... unlink your width and height.
Rectangle for top of smoke stack cut @ w 0.28 x h 0.69... unlink your width and height.
I welded these to the duplicated house.
Square for windows cut @ w 0.50 x h 0.44....cut one of these without the panes for the yellow in the windows.
Square for window panes cut @ w 0.17 x h 0.16... unlink width and not weld to window so you will get the holes in the window.
Rectangle for door cut @ w 0.74 x h 0.90... cut one extra without panes for the yellow in the windows.
Squares for panes in door cut @ w 0.18 x h 0.19.. unlink the width and height.
Circle for tree cut @ w 2.45 x h 2.49.. unlink width and height.
Gypsy Wandering
Tree trunk cut @ w 1.82 x h 3.32... unlink the width and height.
Flower Stems cut @ w 0.55 x h 0.92.
A Child's Year
Tulips..made with teardrops cut @ w 0.41 x h 0.82... I cut one for the center for each flower...and then two ..the two I put one on the mat...rotated it out just a little..then duplicated this...and flipped from side to side.. overlapped with the one I duplicated this cut from and welded them together...then glue the single teardrop to the back.
Home Decor
Flourish cut @ w 1.10 x h 0.78...unlink width and height.
Birds cut @ w 0.73 x h 0.58.


Sherri said...

Beautiful card Jeannie....the colors are fantastic~

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

What a great card! love the house and how you used the George cart. Beautiful!

Nisson Family said...

Jeannie, I LOVE this card! It is the cutest! I'm definitely going to try to have to make this one. Love it!


yvette said...

This is an amazing card, and the way you have used shapes to create something so nice, it is incredible!! I hope you have fun with your friends coming over :)

Monique said...

Beautifull card Jeannie !! I'm sure they are going to love your card :).

Hugs Monique

Alice said...

Oh Jeannie,
This card is amazing. It really shows how talented you are. I can't believe what you have made from being inspired by just the paper alone.
I am sure your friends are very excited to create this card with you =)
Great job and I love the colors too....

Sheena said...

Beautiful card!! the colors are great :)

Carol<>< said...

this just tooo cute Jeannie!
did you say the name of the paper?
love your stories along with the cards.
stop by my blog for a little award!

flowerdisco said...


Kara said...

I am so excited to finally get to visit with Jeannie and let her show me some Gypsy tips.....she is just too sweet. Hope I can keep up, this card looks challenging! I absolutely love it!!!!! See you Saturday!

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