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Friday, March 19, 2010

50th Anniversary

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, Al
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My dad called and said that he needed a 50th Anniversary card for my Uncle George and Aunt Carol... I wanted it to be special... I hope that this one is!!... My Uncle George was really there for me and my brother last year when my daddy was in ICU and almost died... he will always be special to my heart for that!!... than you so much for looking!

Songbird.. these letters weld wonderfully.
Warning: don't forget to choose don't save if you delete most the images off your mat to re-cut one of your images...or you will loose your file. 


Alice said...

Happy 50th to Auntie Carol and Uncle George =)
What a wonderful milestone to be giving a card to celebrate. I love how the colors really make this a beautiful card. I am sure that they will see how much you care about them through your card. THe newspaper print paper add just the perfect touch!
Great Job!

yvette said...

Another great card, for what I can read 2 great people! I am sure they will love it :)

Fran, said...

Really great cards..

Sharon said...

Hi Jeannie! I just going to use this one space to comment on all three of the last cards you have made. Love the cupcake on your Dad's card. Love how you popped out the top frosting! The bird in the cage is awesome! Love how you got it to look so real!!! The sentiment is perfect!! The anniversary card is beautiful!! I'm sure your Aunt & Uncle are going to be so touched by it! :)

Sandy Bayles said...

Hope they have a great 50th. My parents will have their 65th next January. I hope that they are around to celebrate. I gave them a great 60th dinner. What a great card.

scrappinlil said...

Love the card and the colors black and white so elegant...I left you something on my blog..please stop by!

Susan said...

I just love your cards and creations, they are so creative, and original. Thanks for letting me visit your blog, it will start my day out on a happy note.

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