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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Spa Treatment

Designed by Jeannie Phillips - Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.

This card was inspired by the children's book illustrator Caroline Jayne Church.... I love her artwork so much that my future daughter-in-law Robin got one of her books for me for Christmas.... her artwork is so inspiring!!!...I even sent her an e-mail telling her her sketches would make wonderful stamps!!!!.... I hope she hears me!!... I hope that you like this card...I was beyond excited when I got finished!!.. thank you so much for looking! ~~ Hugs, Jeannie

New Arrival
Bathtubs cut @ w 3.56 x h 3.57... I trimmed the legs and shower pipe off  of the second tub..this I pop dotted on top of the first tub and then I trimmed the rim off the third tub which is popped off the second tub...On the Cricut I would cut this @ 3 1/2 inches.
Ducks cut @ w 0.85 x h 0.86...I ended up not using the layer cut...I just used an orange Sharpie to color the beak .... on the Cricut I would cut these 2 3/4 an inch.
Paper Pups
Dogs cut @ w 1.94 x h 2.68...I popped the second one from the first one... on the Cricut I would cut this at 2 3/4 inches.
Everyday Paper Dolls
Water Splashes cut @ w 1.04 x h 4.16..and skewed them 0.06 degrees...I did one..then duplicated and flipped side to side... on the Cricut I would cut these @ 1 1/4 inches on real dial size!
A Child's Year
Tear Drops cut @ w 0.22 x h 0.47..on the Cricut I would cut these @ 1/2 inch....maybe even 1/4 inch.


Stephanie said...

I'm new to your blog. I love your cards.

Sherri said...

How adorable!!

Alice said...

HI Jeannie,

Rub a dub dub....
whoops a dog in a tub....
tee hee hee

what a wonderful card =)
So cute!


Carol<>< said...

Like all of your designs, WOW!!!!
you might be seeing this one on my post!
have not been on for awhile, so Hello!
better and better all of the time,

Nisson Family said...

What a totally cute card! My friend has a brown weiner dog and she would totally love this card. I'm going to have to try and make it. Thanks for the idea! Love your cards. They are SO fantastic!


Margaret said...

Love this card! So cute.

Wife2TJ said...

I posted on the cricut message board as well but this card is ADORABLE in every way possible. I just adore it!!! :-)

Monique said...

This is soooooooooooo cute Jeannie !! I must really do more with my Paperpups cartridge !!

Hugs Monique

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