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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Birthday Clown

Designed by Jeannie Phillips - Southside, AL
Click on any picture to enlarge.

I am excited about this's one I am using Monday for my card class... it was inspired by Kim Romig's clown card which was inspired by my elf card....thank you for inspiring me Kim!... I hope that you like it...and I hope that my class likes it!!

Some of your cuts need to be on a separate page but I put them all together so your could see them in one picture... see screen shot in the last picture.

Pooh & Friends
Hair... they are clouds... cut @ w 1.89 x h 1.58..the second one is duplicated and flipped sideways...on the Cricut I would cute these @ 11/2 inches.
Happy Birthday cut @ h 1.71 inches...both the shadow and the regular cut... on the Cricut I would cut this @ 1 3/4 inches.
Paper Doll Dress Up
Hats cut @ h 4.05... the width will be right if you set the height...I welded a hat to each of the heads...on the Cricut I would cut these at 1 1/2 inches.
Balloons cut @ h 4.02 ... 2 regular cut balloons and 1 shadow cut balloon which I welded to the card square ...on the Cricut I would cut these @ 4 1/4 inches.
Rectangle is a square cut @ w 3.50 x h 4.75 on real dial size... using the Cricut I would cut this with a paper trimmer.
Ovals for the faces cut @ w 2.48 x h 4.05 ...on the Cricut I would cut these at 4 inches.
Ears are hearts cut @ w1.21 x h 0.95 welded to one of the ovals... I put these on the back ovals so the ears would appear behind the face... on the Cricut I would cut these at 1 inch.
Ovals for eyes cut @ w.0.51 x h 0.69...on the Cricut I would cut these at 3/4 an inch or 1/2 inch.
Circles cut @ w 0.41 x h 0.38...ob the Cricut I would cut these at 1/4 an inch.
Circles for nose cut @ w 0.62 x h 0.58.I cut two of these pop dotted the top one...on the Cricut I would cut these at 1/2 inches.
Circle for center of bow..which is popped from the bow cut @ 0.56 x h 0.53...on the Cricut I would cut this at 1/2 inch.
Mickey and Friends
Bow which is for Minnie's hair cut @ w1.38 x h 1.60 ... on the Cricut I would cut this at 1 1/2 inches.


Alice said...

Hi Jeannie,
Who would have thought that "Clowning-around" could be so much fun on a card. Looks amazing!
HUGS to you =)

Leanne said...

Amazing!!!! I love it! You are sooo creative and I enjoy seeing what you come up with! Great job! I'm also from Alabama!!!

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh Jeannie you are so good with that gypsy. I hope your mom is feeling well. I am keeping her and you in my prayers.
This is just so adorable.

Monique said...

Hi Jeannie.
Wow, it's amazing how you always come up with projects like these !! I love it :)).

Hugs Monique

Susan said...

You seriously amaze me!!!! I love this clown card!!!

xx Susan

Carrie said...

This is amazing!!! I love your work, big fan of your blog. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations.

Margaret said...

Wow, this is serious fun! I do love your cards, but this one makes me smile. What a lot of work has gone into it. I've been visiting your blog for a while now and I love the things you make. The Gypsy has just brought it up another step. You're on my inspirational blog list for a reason!

Scrapping Cat said...

Now I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of clowns...but he is simply adorable and so how he pops off the card, and his balloon is so cute

My Sheri CRAFTS said...

I wish I could come to your class! What fun!!! You've inspire me to start using my gypsy more! Thanks for linking to M Shri Crafts also!

Raquel said...

This is so cute... you did a wonderful job with all the details.

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