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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Shoes ~ Cheap Therapy

Designed by Jeannie Phillips - Southside, Al
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This card is for my card class....I am so so enjoying this is just too much fun.... I have the sweetest group of ladies that are there and they just make my week.... they are learning lots... now that they all have Gypsies we put the card we make that week on their Gypsy so they can go home and repeat the card if they want.... I can't wait until one of them calls me and says "I cut out my card!!"... I will just be too excited... Since not everybody has the same carts I am making something from the Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy Font cartridges for a few weeks while they are getting the hang of things so they CAN go home and use their Gypsy... this is the card I came up with for this week...when I saw the shoe cut out in the oval scallop this card just popped right into my head... I got to use a new technique I learned too from Christmas With The Cricut... on a cut with the just take clear packing tape... stick to the back over the cutout...turn it over and sprinkle glitter on the cutout...and it stick to the quick and easy...and so effective!!... Thank you so much for looking!!... A special thank you to my card class ladies!!... Hugs, Jeannie

Gypsy Wanderings
Oval with shoe cut @ 2.75 x 1.84.
Ovals under the shoe cut cut @ w 3. 0 x h 1.89, w 3.25 x h 2.05 and w 3.50 x h 2.21.
Book Plates  cut @ small (2) - w 2.44 x h 1.16 and large w 2.93 x h 1.40.
On these cuts I unlinked the witdth and the height so get the sizes I wanted.
Swirley (2)  cut @ w 0.73 x h 1.55...then use the rotate button to turn design.
Gypsy Font
"New" cut @ h 0.61...the witdths will be right on all the letters if you set the height @ 0.61.
"Shoes" cut @ h 0.87 the width will be right on all the letter if you set the height @ 0.87.
The letters to "New" and the letters to "Shoes" are welded together...except for the S.


yvette said...

What a classy classy card!! But .... new shoes are not always cheaper then therapy hahahahaha!!! Ohdear :)

Deb Neerman said...

LOLOL, love it!

Alice said...

Hi Jeannie,
Any shopping (especially crafting) is definitely therapy for me =) As for the cost.....I am always afraid to look....but luckily my wallet moans every single time I reach for it....

Such a lovely card! It's so neat that you were able to incorporate a new technique.

Thank you for sharing!!!! =)

Carol<>< said...

such a lucky group of ladies to have you as their teacher. How cool is that. You will have to post a picture of the class for all to see.
Trying to stay warm in WI.

DonnaMundinger said...

That depends upon which shoes you buy! LOL Too cute! xxD

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