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Friday, December 17, 2010

Just a Note

My sweet husband Robby, who works for UPS... twisted his foot delivering boxes on Tuesday... boxes went flying... his board went flying... two ladies came flying out the door to check on him...and a ligament in his foot pulled a chunk of bone from his bone... we were at the ER Wednesday morning and at the doctor yesterday... He has been taking care of me (when he was home to) because of my surgery... doing great but not 100% yet.... now we have had to switch roles....and boy have I found out how I am still not over surgery... still tired from it... and second but most important just how much Robby does for me!!

I still have lots to accomplish for Christmas... and am accepting the fact that we are going to do Christmas this year in a bit of a mess...but being together is the most important part!

I got in some new looms.. working on the one last hat I need to finish...but these fine gauge looms... well they take a lot longer... more pegs, smaller stitches... I can't wait to see my first hat on this loom!!

I hope that everybody has a very Merry Christmas!



mforquer said...

OH Jeannie - your poor hubby! You two are just a mess! I wish I were closer I swing by with some soup!!! Please take care and remember what Christmas is about - if the presents don't get wrapped and you eat peanut butter and jelly for dinner that will be fine!!! If there is anything I can do from 2000 miles away let me know! Oh, lots of prayers for you both!

Anita said...

Jeannie, so sorry to hear about your hubby, will be praying for you both, Hugs Anita

Sheila aka SassyLady said...

Sure hope you both get better soon!

Sheena said...

Sending prayers your way and lots of Hugs..I hope he heals quickly and you get to feeling better as well. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Hugs, Sheena

Samantha J Designs (Wife2TJ) said...

So sorry this happened to your hubby and of course the timing too. I hope he get's fixed up and get's to feeling better soon. -Sam

Glenda said...

So sorry to hear of the accident--prayers for both of you!
Wishing you Merry Christmas!

Crayola58 said...

Jeannie, I am sending hugs for you and Robby. My goodness you both have been whalloped ... You both need to take it easy, not over do and get well. I know that is sort of a silly thing to say anytime, let alone at the busy Christmas times.

Sharon said...

I am so sorry to hear about Robby's accident. Bless his heart and yours too! Take it easy and don't over do. Either one of you! I'm sure everyone won't care if there is a mess! Your health is the more important!! Sending up prayers for both of you!! :)

Sandi Cl~ said...

Hope you are both back to 100% soon. I'm sure you will have a joyful Christmas either way!

TCahal said...

Ohhh Jeannie...I'm so sorry!! What an awful accident :( Hugs to you and your family and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Stephanie said...

Sending lots of prayers and Merry Christmas wishes your way. May you both have a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Jeannie, so sorry to hear about Robby. I had the same injury back in the 80's. I had to stay off my foot for a long time it seemed. The Dr said that if I used my foot and the ligament that was pulling up the bone would become completely detached that I would have to have surgery. Thankfully, I listened and obeyed the Dr and it did finally heal.

I have been watching your knitting with the looms and though I can already knit, why do I need a loom BUT Michael's had the round ones as their Deal of the Day marked down 50% plus I had an extra 15% off on everything including sale items. When you make a hat for yourself or Robby, which color loom do you use?

So now besides making cards, I want to start scrap booking, quilling and now loom knitting. I think that I now have a few things to keep me busy. LOL

Hope that you are feeling better. Speedy recovery to Robby but have him do what the Dr says so that he does NOT have to have surgery.

Marjorie from TX

marjorie_brundage at sbcglobal dot net

Carol<>< said...

Merry Christmas,
sending lots of prayers your way,
for a speedy recovery for the both of you.
Christmas is a time for family and friends so take it easy.

ScrappingStephanie said...

OUCH! I know how painful that can be. I hope the two of you are feeling better very soon. It is okay if Christmas is a bit of a mess, as long as you are together. Lot's of love and get well wishes:)
Be Blessed

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