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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monogram Note Card Set

Designed by Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, Al
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The Gypsy File is available for this card by email. Just copy and paste this email to your personal email account and let me know which Gypsy file that you are wanting.

I spent last Friday with my dear friend Jeannene and her daughter Kim…. They make these wonderful note card sets… I had to try one… This set is for a dear lady at my church, her name is Kay. Kay has been such an inspiration to me in my walk with God. I have learned so much from her, she is absolutely amazing… she loves God so much… you can tell her is just her personal friend!… I aspire to be like her to know God like she does. I so hope that she loves her note card set.. Thank you so much for looking!.. Thank you Jeannene and Kim for teaching me how to do this and inspiring me… and feeding my heart and soul! Hugs, Jeannie

Card Case
This is an 8 ½ x 11 piece of cardstock turned so it is wider than taller….score 5 inches from each end…then score 2 inches and 2 ½ inches from the bottom… cut out the center part between the 2 and 2 ½ inch score lines.. Fold the bottoms up.. To create a bottom… anyway it makes a little book like thingy… (don’t your love my terminology!) I added a strip of paper across the middle, it goes all the way around the outside of the “book.” I added eyelets to each side wrapped my ribbon all the way around the outside of the book…it has tape on the back to hold it in place…fed the ribbon through the eyelets and this keeps the book closed.

Lovely Floral
Circle flourish and its circle base cut @ h 2.81...set the height and the width will be right on both cuts… on the Cricut I would cut these @ 2 ¾ and inch.
K cut @ 2.48 inches… and welded to the inside of the flourish circle… on the Cricut I would cut these at 2 ½ inches…and glue to the circle.

The trim across the middle of each background were from the paper pack that I used.

I love sharing the instructions and files for my cards but I do ask that if you use my instructions or files to recreate my card and place it on your blog or somebody else’s blog that you give me the credit for the original design. I also ask that you do not submit my designs for publication, profit or for any contest. Thank you!


Sheena said...

So Elegant!! great card set :) The papers you used are so beautiful. I'm sure your dear friend Kay will love these :)

Hugs, Sheena

Cricut Couple said...


This is just gorgeous! I was thinking about making some of these over the weekend with the MS Elegant Cake Art. I have to make some of these for Christmas Presents. What a fantastic idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Bobby & Jill

Anonymous said...

OH WOW!!!! I have got to try this. I do especially love your 'thingy'. LOL These would make great Christmas presents also. I am sure that your friend will treasure them.

Marjorie from TX

Maureen Reiss said...

This set is really beautiful!! What a great gift. :)


Wow Jeannie these cards are beautiful! What a sweet gift for
your friend Kay! :D

Peggy said...

Very pretty, Jeannie. I like to make cards set as gifts. Everyone seems to enjoy receiving them. Great job as always.

Peggy T.

Sharon said...

These are sooo elegant and dainty looking. I just know your friend is going to love them. They are sooo beautiful!!! :)

Wife2TJ said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! TFS! What a beautiful job!!! :-)

Alice said...

Oh Jeannie
I am sure that Kay would absolutely love this set! I love the simplicity and the elegance of these cards. I think that it really shows your admiration and appreciation for her support and love.
Love the paper pack too =)

Cheryll said...

Kay is going to love this card set!

mum of two said...

This is a stunning gift! I just love this idea. I think I will make some as gifts for christmas. I may need to try the little case in a "rough draft" It looks slightly complicated.

TFS :)


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