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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twisty Scarf

Handmade by
Jeannie Phillips ~ Southside, AL
I found a pattern at Hobby Lobby hanging in front of this thread.... I thought this is just beautiful I must make one... As you know, if you know me much at all ... I hate reading and following patterns... most all of my work is something I get in my head...often from things I see.  It is kind of like my aunt who plays the piano beautifully but can't read a lick of music.  It is a different talent is how I like to think of it.  Anyway I read the pattern to see if I could follow it... and got the concept of what made this work...I went to work on the concept instead of following the pattern... So even tho this is not is kind of mine.  Thank you for looking...I hope you like!!  Hugs, Jeannie


Sheena said...

Oh My!! so, so Pretty!..very neat scarf :)

Sandy Daron said...

Luv it!!!! The colors are very nice!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you took up the challenge beautifully! Your scarf came you both stylish and intriguing. Everyone will want to know how to make it. Thank you for sharing! Irene

Especially_For_You said...

Beautiful scarf, you are very talented! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations, I am now a follower. :)

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